Saturday, September 28, 2013

“Liberal” Kirsten Powers rightfully rips Churches

Christians in the Middle East and Africa are being slaughtered, tortured, raped, kidnapped, beheaded, and forced to flee the birthplace of Christianity. One would think this horror might be consuming the pulpits and pews of American churches. Not so. The silence has been nearly deafening.


Anonymous said...

Tried to send to George and it would not forward. So I'm trying it here

I am going to try going "cold turkey" with your great blog. My problem is not philosophic, it's volume. There is just too much for me to scan through each day and choose which ones I want to read. If you were only producing half as much material (which I suspect is about what you did 2 or 3 years ago before Fast & Furious hit), I could handle it.

Maybe I am the only person who has ever complained, if so there is obviously no point in your reacting to my "complaint".

I don't have any great solution anyway. Maybe you could figure out a two or 3 tiered system folks could sign up for:
Tier 1 would be your firearm and survival (praxis) and "militia" topics.
Tier 2 would be those plus new "crisis" that appear, like Fast & Furious was and the NSA/privacy topics are.
Tier 3 would be 1 and 2 plus the fascinating material you come up with from other publications and blogs that you expose your readership to. I love it, I just cannot continue at your pace.

I wish you the best for improved health, wealth and happiness. You have awsome writing skills (your original comments on think-pieces and philosophy are what I will miss most). You are also a fierce Patriot . God Bless.

Paul X said...

Nothing wrong with being judgmental, as long as you aren't being collectivist at the same time.

Willim V Wood said...

Those who can and should prevent evil. by their silence, commands.