Saturday, September 21, 2013

Logistics: An excellent yard sale score -- a Bianchi X-15 shoulder holster -- combined with excellent customer service.

For many years I carried a full-size 1911 in a Bianchi X-15 shoulder rig like the one above. All those memories came flooding back when I received this email from a faithful reader:
Recently I came across a Bianchi leather shoulder holster at a yard sale. The elastic band looked like it had been eaten by dogs or rats.
I figured I could probably find an elastic band. Bought it for $2! Looked it up when I got back to the store, and it was still made and sold for well over $100.
Well, I wrote to them and asked if they sold the elastic band.
Bianchi is now owned by Safariland. They told me that they didn’t sell the band, but if I sent it back to them, they would fix it and it wouldn’t cost more than $15. They gave me an RMA to send it back.
Well, I got it back from them. It cost me nothing and they paid for the shipping back to me!
Good customer service. Good thing to remember for those trying to “kit up” on a budget. It’s very comfortable, and holds my 1911 well!


Anonymous said...

I had a slightly older model X-15. Great and secure holster.
I just couldn't get past the whole elastic tension thing.
Felt like I was wearing a BRA (Not that I ever wore one of those!)


Anonymous said...

It is the EXCELLENT CUSTOMER Service that keeps some companies in business for many many years. If more manufacturers were this responsible it would be GREAT.

Anonymous said...

The holster makers don't want to provide components because of possible legal liability. Kudos to Safariland.