Friday, September 20, 2013

Yeah, well I believe no one should have to put up with tyrannical bastards disguised in black robes.

Connecticut judge declares ‘No one should have guns’


Anonymous said...

While yer buddy Maddow doesn't wear a black robe I thought this would interest you Mike.

Taking 12 as the "mass" red line, over half of Thea's shootings in the last couple decades are on Obamas watch.
Sure, statistics are a liars bread and butter but this is kinda interesting coming from Rachel.

I quote another statist here -
It's the economy, stupid.

As government continues to clench its fist around our economic freedom, this will continue in proportion to how hard it squeezes. Content free people earning a decent living do not shoot up innocent people. Not even so called crazy video gamers.

Also, I heard that a LinkedIn account was deleted PRIOR to the navy yard shooters name being released. I saw a tidbit about that murder having created a web page under the name Muhammad Salem. I'm left to wonder if that WAS the LinkedIn account. It WOULD explain the media hush we have witnessed .... Any little birdies tossing you some seeds in that arena?

As for the robed ones, well we are being RULED over by robed unelected kings who are unaccountable to anyone (because the legislature wouldn't dare defund them when they go so far as to outright ignore the constitution itself.). The Supremes themselves have insulated courts from protesting- gee I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

This is NOT an abuse of authority. It is clearly TREASON! If the Marbury vs Madison decision declared all laws that are repugnant to the Constitution are null and void, a judge that violates his oath has given up his authority. A person that has no respect for the law should not be allowed to sit in judgement of it. Such judges are criminals and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Paul X said...

The proper response is a guffaw.

Anonymous said...

That judge needs to be removed from the bench and tossed into the slammer.

Anonymous said...

If Marburry is legit then the SCOTUS can assign and strip all the branches authorities at will - effectively amending the constitution from within the judiciary on 5-4 votes.

True there is a check and balance function for the court HOWEVER this idea that the ULTIMATE AUTHORITY is the bar and its bench is BULLSHIT.

THE FACT IS that our Declaration of Independence teaches us ius that the ULTIMATE AITHORITY is US! The consent of the governed is most high -PERIOD.