Monday, September 30, 2013

More along the lines of "Whenever you're in trouble, NEVER call the cops."

Distraught family members were pepper-sprayed, chained to a bench while daughter was dying of self-inflicted gunshot wound


Anonymous said...

The more reports I read of insidious police assaults on innocent citizens like this, the more I am convinced that the LEO of this nation are now the populations enemy. Especially now that the USG, namely, DHS/NSA/FBI/ATF have declared the entire citizenry, "potential terrorist threats". These people redefine the words "criminally absurd", insane notwithstanding. I have NO doubt, that at some point, a SWAT, DHS, or ATF will create a Great Moment in Monumental LEO Stupidity, whereby a killing will occur that will cause an armed citizens group to descend on these bastards in righteous and moral outrage, whereby the start to civil war will occur. Youbetcha. And I'LL BE ONE OF THEM. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

The police and EMT version of events doesn't even begin to make sense.