Tuesday, September 24, 2013

You can't kill an idea by stealing signs. Yup, just another gang. Threeper sign confiscated by cop from private property.

"Fed-Up NY Man Sets Up Hidden Camera to Find Out Who Was Repeatedly Stealing His Pro-Gun Sign – What He Discovered Blew Him Away."
Well, figuratively anyway. It was a cop, of course. Just another taxfeeder/gang member. So, what was it exactly that the cop was objecting to -- to the point of repeatedly committing theft of property while on duty? The "Protect the Second Amendment" sentiment? The AR-15 bolt face? The Three Percent logo? Hate to tell you, you tax-feeding tyrant, but you can't kill an idea by stealing signs.


Anonymous said...

The problem is that "government" no longer recognizes private property. "They" maintain that "you" have "limited jurisdiction" on "your" property and in your home. "They" on the other hand can do as they please, at any time and in any place, and punish you as "they" see fit if you dare to disagree.---Ray

Anonymous said...

"Pepper Ball Claymore" with trigger string tied to sign?

FedUp said...

Not confiscated, stolen. If it were confiscation, there would have been notice. Thieves just sneak in, grab and run.

Sounds like a 'law and order' conservative who's astonished that 'his police' stole from him. Most 3pers wouldn't be surprised if that happened to us.

The guy has two choices.
He can
1. take a small video recorder, like a pen cam or a key fob cam, to the police chief when he files his theft complaint directly with the chief,

2. file a federal suit for deprivation of rights under color of lawful authority,

or my choice, 1 then 2. His meeting with the chief might disclose information that would allow him to sue the chief, and maybe the mayor or somebody on the city council, too.

Anonymous said...

I would be tempted to get a piece of sheet metal (like from a discarded washing machine or stove) and make an ALL METAL sign that is to be mounted on some PVC pipe to insulate the sign from the ground. Hide an electric wire so the thief can't see it and watch the sparks fly when the sign stealer gets the shock of his life.
Maybe have a tiny line on the bottom of the sign "Protected by the High Voltage Alarm Company".

SWIFT said...

Am I being overly skeptical in believing the victim is dragging his feet? He has the evidence, so why not immediately attack? In all instances of thwarting a police state, you must be aggressive. As Gen. Patton once said, "Never take the counsel of your fears." Go for the throat. Never live your life like a "Welcome Mat", because that is exactly how you will be treated. There are ways to make the neighbor pay also, but I leave that to your imagination.

Anonymous said...

FedUp is absolutely correct. You cannot allow the government or its representatives to commit crimes against you. Pursue punishment to the fullest extent of the law. Not doing so encourages further criminal activity. I hope these dirtbags get nailed to the wall.

Chuck said...

What if the sign warned of something like DANGER - QUICKSAND
on the back side?

Around here I'd make him climb through the cactus and spanish bayonet to get at the sign.

Anonymous said...

What are the laws governing recording in NY...I think both parties have to agree.

Also, you cannot set booby traps for trespassers. This is established law in most every jurisdiction I've ever heard of.

Just be careful how you proceed with these sorts of actions. Even though they are in the wrong, you're the one the winds up prosecuted. Especially if they want to make an example.

FedUp said...

Swift: He lawyered up with an attorney who's active at NY Firearms. They've got plans they aren't ready to disclose. Apparently they aren't going to act until they've had the land survey updated. I suspect the sign was on land he owned, that a public right of way ran across.

Here's the forum thread where the pics were first posted:

SWIFT said...

FedUp; Thank you for the thread.

Anonymous said...

" Hate to tell you, you tax-feeding tyrant, but you can't kill an idea by stealing signs."

That's usually the best way to get an idea to spread.