Monday, September 23, 2013

"Our duty to civil disobedience." Yeah, a lot of that going around these days.

If Lies Don’t Work, Try Force to Shut Them Up: Our Duty to Civil Disobedience.


Da Curly Wolf said...'s what a lot of the smart folk are going to be doing

Anonymous said...

How can it be "assaulting a police officer" when he's not acting in official police capacity? He's paid security. I can see him being charged with trespassing or "assault" if he actually struck the security guard (regardless of whether or not he was a cop)....but the cop in this instance is merely security in this instance.

How does one justify elevating the charge to that level(and why is assaulting a cop worse than assaulting a child, old woman, handicapped person or average man any different under the "eyes of the law" when we are all supposed to be equal under it????).

Anonymous said...

Bowels out.