Sunday, September 22, 2013

Okay, so tell me again why the NRA didn't oppose B. Toad Jones when we were so close to victory?

New ATF chief considered giving up the fight during bruising confirmation process
Under withering attack during the nomination fight, Jones considered throwing in the towel.
The ATF, of which he was acting director, was caught in political crossfire over gun control. And there were personal attacks on Jones, both in his role at ATF and as U.S. attorney for Minnesota. . .
“And there were junctures where I was like, ‘OK, why am I doing this again?’ ”


Black Rifle said...

i don't believe for one second that he was going to throw in the towel. this is about drumming up some "awww, geeee, i feel so sorry for him"

Anonymous said...

The NRA is on the side of government control over individual liberty. With its help, governments are imposing ever increasing "training" requirements in order to exercise our rights and it just so happens the NRA does that "training" for huge FEES of course. Ahem poll taxes.

Ironic huh that forcing training in order to exercise the right has the TRUTHFUL meaning of the Second Amendment EXACTLY BACKWARD?! The RIGHT self declares that it shall not be infringed IN ORDER FOR THE MILITIA TO BE WELL REGULATED when called forth. It's BECAUSE of NRA supported government control that many ate NOT proficient and practiced -As they stand down their rights as a result of the permission slip requirements.

The NRA loves this nomination and appointment. This way the painted picture can continue of the ATF and NRA being opposites when really they are symbiotic parasites that require each other to survive. Of course they will work in concert to ensure both flourish- as we the people THE HOSTS are bled out in the process

Anonymous said...

The NRA likes to talk pro-2A and yes they have done a few good things but this past session in the Illinois General Assembly they made a deal to allow “Universal Background Checks” so they could get a “Preemption” agreement in the CC bill.

They supported the Bill over the objections of the State Rifle Association!

That’s a line the NRA should never cross but they morons did. I am calling for the NRA lobbyist from Illinois to be fired