Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More volunteers for the Julius Streicher Award.

Julius Streicher, Hitler's favorite newspaperman, after being hung at Nuremberg.
AP 'real reporters' spread disinformation to support gun ban agenda


Anonymous said...

Not by the neck, Mike. By their feet with 'bowels out'...a la "Hannibal".

Anonymous said...

The Fresno Bee in CA is also now firmly on the side of the totalitarians.


Because a crazy guy, who asked for help for his mental problems and didn't get it, shot a car and wasn't put on lock down, shot into his roof into the floor of his neighbors above him, and wasn't put on lock down again, who also passed a background check that was more strict than a NICS check, and used a pump-action shotgun with an attached magazine to kill a cop, and took the sidearm from that cop to massacre unarmed people unable to effectively defend themselves in a gun-free zone, the answer is obviously to ban semi-automatic rifles used in less than 2% of all crimes, and which are already neutered by bullet buttons making the magazine "fixed", due to CA's already insane gun laws which are currently on the books...