Saturday, September 28, 2013

Gomez ‘assault weapon’ ban editorial alienates gun owners

A former and expected future Massachusetts candidate for the United States Senate has enraged gun owners with an editorial published Tuesday in The Boston Globe. Gabriel Gomez, who ran in a special election to replace John Kerry, and who National Republican Committee Chairman Jerry Moran has said would run again in the regular election in 2014, blindsided his gun owner supporters by declaring “I was wrong to oppose assault weapons ban.”
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Matt Bracken's comment on Facebook:
I graduated from BUD/S Class 105 in 1979 as an officer, and took a NavSpecWar platoon to Beirut in 1983. I mention it only as my bona fides to address you. I am extremely disappointed that a former SEAL officer has apparently sold out for perceived political gain. (And please, don't tell any former SEALs that your wife changed your mind about firearms and the Constitution!) As two men with similar training and experience with firearms, we both know very well that in the ultimate test, the difference between slaves or subjects and free men is the right to keep and bear arms that are similar to those carried by the King's men, the police, the military. Don't tell me that the 2nd Amd was written to protect duck hunters or target shooters! In fact, the American Revolution began at Concord and Lexington when the King's soldiers marched to confiscate the arms and gunpowder of American civilians. Mr. Gomez, spare us your "I defended the Constitution" blather. We see through your politically expedient conversion to the dark side. You are now standing firmly on the side of King George and every other dictator who has smashed freedom, or tried to smash freedom, by disarming their "unruly peasants" in the name of "public safety." (BTW, did you know that the bloody mass-murderers of the French Revolution, who also disarmed their peasants--before executing them--was actually called "The Committee of Public Safety?") I'm very ashamed of and disappointed in you, former SEAL or not, and I will do what I can to expose your selling out to the forces of rampant big-government statism. We don't want to live in a nation where the government holds a monopoly on meaningful firearms. We already know about many other countries that disarmed their populations before oppressing them. Just in the last century, Turkey, the USSR, Germany, China and a score of other nations disarmed their populations in the name of "public safety," and we know what happened next. We all saw the movie about a nation that was made nearly gun-free, except for the police and the military. It was called Schindler's List, and you will not get us on those trains, at any time in the future, unless and until you disarm us--the hard way. We will not be led like sheep into the slaughter pens because in a moment of foolish optimism we believed the sweet lies of socialist politicians. You want to take them? Molon Labe, sellout. Come and take them!


Anonymous said...

Seal team six sniper Kyle defoor strongly disagrees, as does delta force members Larry vickers and Paul Howe. And all were higher level tier one guys while Gomez was not, so by his logic those guys are bigger experts than him. Not to mention the hell Howe went through in Somalia...

FedUp said...

Dear Mr Gomez:
There are three kinds of voters.
Non-gun voters.
Pro-gin voters.
Anti-gun voters.

We can ignore the non-gun voters, as they don't care what you say about banning rifles.

Unfortunately for you, you can ignore the antis too. They won't vote for somebody who opposed a rifle ban if they have a better choice available.

This leaves us with only the pro-gun voters as those you can influence with your position on the 2A. With your new position on the issue, you have converted former supporters into people who think your future government career should be limited to janitorial duties.

Congratulations. Your former supporters now think of you as "pond scum", and you picked up zero new supporters. Charlie Baker would be a fool to have you for a running mate.

FedUp said...

Have to take back my earlier comment. He didn't lose pro-gun support this week, because he didn't have it to begin with.

Anti-gun Gabe just became more strongly anti-gun Gabe. His preexisting position on background checks is as pro gun as John McCain.

Maybe Gabe would be Senator right now if he'd given conservatives more reasons to vote for him in June.

Paul X said...

"I am extremely disappointed that a former SEAL officer has apparently sold out for perceived political gain."

Sounds like he will fit right in with the rest of the political crowd. One doesn't get that high without selling his soul to the devil.

Anonymous said...

I think that some of these politicians rather than absconding from office or running for office terminate their careers by going anti-gun on purpose. They figure they don't have a future political career (given today's political climate) anyways unless they sell out. They figure I'll sell out and just maybe the public will be stupid enough to vote me in anyways, so what do I have to lose. Can we start operation 'overhaul' already?