Thursday, September 19, 2013

Veterans who want to keep guns had best be careful seeking treatment for PTSD

Then again, when one considers the fact that the other side depends on high-profile shootings with high body counts, in order to fuel their agenda, perhaps they are perfectly aware of where this will lead. Perhaps that's not a bug, but a feature.


Anonymous said...

Its almost prophetic that this is happening the way its happening. This has been discussed in the past and 2nd amendment supporters warned the nation from every mountain top right after the sandy hook murders. This was known that the "gov that is" would go for the vets. This "Gov" could do ANYTHING to us at this point. I would not put it past them to go after vets PERIOD.

Sean said...

Simply because I was a Viet-Nam combat veteran, in the 1970's, every time I went to the VA(I'm also physically disabled)I was questioned and harangued by medics, to seek treatment for my "PTSD". I don't now, and have never had, PTSD. But they were sure I needed to talk about it. I just quit going there for treatment, and two remarkable things happened. The civilian doctors never brought the subject up, and my health and quality of health care vastly improved. Believe me, if you're a veteran, and you can hack it, get away from VA care. They'll chop you coming and going, and at the civilian doctors office, there is a noticeable lack of rats running around. Don't forget all the guys on the VA's list with PTSD, that they handed over to the Justice Dept. a couple years ago, and boom, loss of gun rights for about 150,000 GIs, with no review, no appeal, no shit. Worst care, anywhere.

tjbbpgobIII said...

I was in the Bessemer CDOC recently and noticed a police officer from the Birmingham VA's security department going line by line through the records of the Bessemer CDOC. I have seen him twice when there for treatment. I ask him what he was doing and he gave me a BS answer that I disbelieved then and still do.