Thursday, September 19, 2013

You know what's scary is that I find myself more and more agreeing with the ACLU.

A tip of the boonie hat to Jesse Trentadue, who forwarded this link to me: FBI a ‘secret domestic intelligence agency,’ ACLU says.
Another way of saying it is "secret political police in service to the regime." You're damn straight they are.
Here's the ACLU report.


SWIFT said...

While I agree with the ACLU's intent to reign in the FBI; hoping the new director, James Comey, will look at their recommendations, is like Obama asking Eric Holder to investigate himself. This is how the "country club" of Washington works. As a consequence, nothing good ever comes from calls for reform. I once asked former Senator Arlen Specter, at a town hall meeting, why he did not sponsor an effort to clean up the FBI. I don't know what kind of dirt (raw files) the FBI had on him, but you'd of thought I smacked him in the face with a dead fish. He finally finished his weak answer with, "it's too hard" or "it's too big". (I can't remember for certain which it was.) As a side note; I remember tiring of listening to his Washington issued talking points and stepped outside for a cigarette. I no more than had the cigarette lit, when a black auto pulled up and the driver started eye balling me. He had an ear bud and was talking to someone. If his point was to intimidate me, he failed miserably. But the point is, even then, exercising your 1st amendment rights brought you special attention. Good luck to the ACLU on reform, but Comey will not listen and probably will enhance the power of these domestic terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Swift - Arlen is one who believes that the judiciary sets atop the government like a king on a throne. His idea of "reform" is to sue and get a RULING in each individual case. Your example is unsurprising that he ducked yer question because he couldn't just answer it honestly lest he be exposed as the anti constitutional loyalist he ALWAYS has been.

Anonymous said...

Even a stopped clock (the ACLU) is right twice a day. So, komrade, no need to concern yourself with fearing that you're starting to think like the American Communists Lawyers Union.

B Woodman

Charles N. Steele said...

There was a time when ACLU actually consistently defended genuine civil liberties and was a relatively respectable organization. Despite their lefty tendencies, they consistently defended everyone's rights. That changed, and they corrupted themselves and increasingly became political hacks. Here's hoping this is a sign that they are cleaning up.

Anonymous said...

While some commenters may have valid reasons for their view of the ACLU, let me ask you something. If there were NO ACLU, WHO would be fighting in court for your Constitutional rights if the ACLU did not exist, hmmmmm? Had they not been fighting every single tyrannical usurpation of the Constitution since their inception, we would already be a complete Totalitarian State. Not that this nation isn't on that path, but at least we are still under a system by which they can use the rule of law to fight with, vs if they hadn't succeeded in stopping many USG acts of tyranny. Unfortunately, as you and I already understand the Justice system regularly acquiesces to their employer wishes, so the ACLU frequently fails to reign in USG tyrannical Constitutional right abuse. However, if they WEREN'T out there fighting...just WHO would? YOU? right. ah hunh.


Anonymous said...

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

Paul X said...

ACLU's problem is not completely the inconsistent defense of rights (the record is actually somewhat mixed on gun rights), but the fact their efforts are "fighting on the enemy's ground" (the courts). One could argue that if they had just left things go to Hell in their own way, we'd have had a second Revolution already.

Maybe I'm just getting cynical about all institutions these days.