Sunday, May 19, 2013

The new poster boy for the Second Amendment? Adam Kokesh busted at doper protest.

Back in my Benedict Arnold period, we had lots of jokes about anarchists. One I recall was -- There's two anarchists sitting at the kitchen table making Molotov cocktails when one asks, “So, who are we going to throw these at?” The other gets a disgusted look on his face and replies: “What are you, a stinking intellectual?” In the fistfight that results, the kitchen blows up, taking the two anarchists with it.
"Adam Kokesh arrested in Philly."
The link was sent to me by a reader with this disgusted comment:
So much for the seriousness of this idiot; he can’t even concentrate on a mission or objective. So he’ll sell out his bleepin’ precious gun insurrection for a momentary high. Next week he’ll sell out the dopers for the shooters, or maybe the butt jockeys. It’s really all about Adam and His Magic Ego, isn’t it Adam?
Good question. It strikes me that the man is, at least, fundamentally unserious about the deadly-earnest task he has proposed to lead. If all he was risking was his own ass, well, that's one thing. But it isn't.


Ashrak said...

LEO may have made the mistake here. They could be emboldening him by arresting him. If he's released without charges and is not prosecuted they will be making his point for him, thus encouraging more to join in July.

Those serious about LIBERTY aren't limited to ONLY firearms rights. I also oppose pot prohibition as a matter of the government NOT being empowered to ban it in the first place. Government is noire empowered to ban and control that that than it is tomato plants! I will concede though that he should focus on one or the other when claiming. Leadership role. That's a fair point of criticism.

I found some hypocrisy in kokesh from the get go. Saying no recording by certain folks in the march and also the proper attire thing - interesting it is to witness the REASON for those commands - "safety".

Ill say it again. Right idea, wrong place, wrong time and wrong person. This idea shoulda first manifested at EACH STATE CAPITAL on the same day.

The REALITY is that folks are going to HAVE to endure arrest in order to win this fight. To make the point large numbers of people have to risk arrest in order to demonstrate that equal protection isn't in place - LEO cannot and will mot BE ABLE to arrest thousands and prosecute thousands.

Is kokesh unserious? I think he's not dedicated to the right thing for the right reasons. Is he a danger to the true cause? YUP. But you know why he's getting the spotlight? Cuz current Second Amendment "leadership" is absent on this point and he's winning the spotlight by default. On that note ill point out that the NRA is guilty of unseriousness. It COULD be leading this endeavor......

Kent McManigal said...

"...he can’t even concentrate on a mission or objective"

The "mission or objective" is liberty. ALL liberty. You can't pick and choose and support one aspect and then cheerlead for The State on other aspects. Fighting against prohibition is inseparable from fighting against the anti-gun bigots.

Anonymous said...

Could this be Adam's way of extracting his own ass from the predictable coming goatrope he has set in motion? Or is he just a sociopath with no ability to consider consequences of anything?
Or both?

Anonymous said...

I'm no Kokesh fan, but what is it with the pro-gun side that think tyranny ONLY comes in the form of gun control? much of our freedom has been lost to the "war on drugs"?

The police state uses the WoD to attack our right to property and due process through RICO statutes, it uses the WoD to circumvent the 4th Amendment and it uses it as justification to militarize our police and demand identification for all sorts of things.....

Wake up people. I'm no proponent of drug use, but I realize (as you should as well) that the WoD has been an abject failure.....imprisoning 7% of our population (60% of incarcerated persons in the US are there b/c of drug related crimes)....making us the allegedly "free" country in the world with a prison population that large.

Prohibition didn't work and neither has the WoD. Why? B/c you have to ask a fundamental question: Who owns your body? Is it you? Or is it the government? If it's you....then you're the one who determines if you can drink a 64 oz. Big Gulp in NY, not Mayor Bloomberg; or take supplements and vitamins; not Senator McCain in AZ, or even smoke marijuana.

Again, I don't agree with the attention whore Kokesh....but he's not wrong to fight this battle or risk jail (just as Mike has advocated for breaking unjust laws)...instead, he's practicing what he preaches and putting his ass on the line for it. It's sad that you guys are choosing to attack him for trying to protect YOUR right to own yourself....what's even sadder is that you apparently can't reason it through.

FedUp said...

It appears that Kokesh is consistent.

He doesn't like drug bans, so he participates in mass civil disobedience of drug bans on an ongoing basis. (it appears to be his fifth consecutive appearance at the 'smoke out').

He doesn't like gun bans, so he organizes mass civil disobedience of DC's gun bans.

Anonymous said...

Kokesh was at the rally and arrested for resisting arrest. He did not smoke marijuana. This begs the question, why were they arresting him if he supposedly was resisting arrest?

Paul X said...

It's a mistake to go dumping on Adam even if you question his tactics. The Pro-liberty movement is harmed by all this backbiting. It's important to remember who the real enemy is. It ain't Adam.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. it appears that he also has the courage of his convictions, at least until his actions prove differently.
The drug war has been THE biggest enable of govt growth in the worlds history not to mention the associated corruption as well.. protesting them on other intrusions into Liberty is perfectly logical and expected for those serious about Liberty, esp4cially since liberty is itself all encompassing and not restricted to only the things we agree with..

Yank lll

Happy D said...

There is one up side to Kokesh.
If the feds kill his Quisling posterior.
We can avenge his death.

Paul X said...

My article about Kokesh: