Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"We’re becoming two nations."

"Single-party rule at state level is dividing the country."


Anonymous said...

Surround the cities; blow the Freeway bridges ... and cut off the food trucked in from the 'fly-over' States.

Don't need guns!


Anonymous said...

Single party rule at the state level is not diving the country. We are a divided country which is reflected in single party rule of states.

William Flatt said...

We're already two nations because some among us have become collaborators, enablers and cheerleaders for pure evil. Some of them stand with tyranny because they habitually & thoughtlessly presume the correctness to deny the rights of others; left OR right, state or federal!

The only thing left that's preventing these tyrants from achieving their evil schemes are our firearms and our willingness to use them. Because of that, I dare say that we no longer have a peaceful recourse to fully restore the republic and the rule of law under the Constitution.

The tyrants have outlawed Christianity in the military. Our freedom of the press is under direct attack in the form of assault on internet freedoms and independent journalism.

The 3rd Amendment addressed quartering of troops, but the underlying premise was (among other things) privacy rights. An omnipresent police state which collects every private communication without warrant, be it email or phone call or private letter - factually proves we have a standing army that's every bit an occupier as Redcoat troops in your living room. Eliminating our privacy & anonymity undermines our ability to organize & resist their unlawful force with our own necessary and proper force.

Our homes, our bodies, documents & possessions are supposed to be secure from UN-reasonable & warrantless searches/seizures. Limitations to this are nearly nonexistent in many states and at the federal level.

Our right against self-incrimination, and the notion of innocence until proven guilty, in a proper court by a verdict of our peers beyond a reasonable doubt, is gone.

The concept of 'double jeopardy' is ignored. Prosecutors are free to retry cases that they do not win when the jury doesn't render a unanimously 'not guilty' verdict.

The federal government has created the ultimate insult, indefinite detention without trial or the extrajudicial killing of anyone the state deems an enemy or threat, without any objective standard for independently reviewing evidence.

Speedy trials are no longer guaranteed. The norm today ends up taking months or years from the date of arrest; and bail often denied outright. Coupled with asset forfeiture, this destroys the ability of the accused to mount a defense for lack of funds, or compel the courts to move quickly on a case.

This regime has 'normalized' the use of torture, cruel punishments are dispensed against those who are secretly/indefinitely detained, and sometimes those who are murdered by this regime are left to die slow tortuous deaths, alone and without medical care in their final moments.

Finally, this regime ignores the fact that there are MANY Rights that are not enumerated in the Constitution, which in turn are denied to the people.

By any objective, reasonable measure, We The People have already passed the point where we are entitled to the use of force to restore constitutionally limited government. The only reason why this hasn't happened yet is the tempo at which We The People are working to establish the conditions to assure victory. However, for the sake of security, I will not be specific. But this regime has given us the gift of absolving us from any further allegiance or obedience to it.

The Gray State is here and we're at war, even if the bullets aren't flying yet... and as in any war, there are only two sides: for, and against. And that is why we are already two nations!

If you haven't already, it's time to choose. And commit.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you work/own a business in an American state and are considering a job applicant from a democrat state, consider this: Research applicants on a computer NOT AT YOUR PLACE OF WORK to find the applicant's political leanings. Screen out, if you can afford to do so, any dems. Hire Americans evacuating dem states whenever possible.