Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some attacks on gun rights coming from dubiously claimed 'gun owners'

Whether or not Eisendrath is really a gun owner is hardly relevant--he's a domestic enemy either way. Then again, if he is not, that says something about his integrity, and that of the "gun control" movement.

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William Flatt said...

At first I thought that "Some attacks on gun rights coming from dubiously claimed 'gun owners'" was referring to the NRA and their weenie-wagon parade of gun rights betrayal. But I see on reading the linked article that Kurt Hofmann is speaking of the astroturf gun rights group, "American Gun Owners". This false-flagging gun control group pretended to be a gun rights group for the exclusive purpose of giving a veneer to the lie that 'many gun owners support 'reasonable restrictions'.

It seems that Elmer Fudd is one of these false-flagging pseudo-gunowners, claiming to represent us when in fact he doesn't.

...Another name to add to the list of collaborators to be dealt with later.