Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I'm sorry, but we are past the point where traditional politics is able to preserve our liberties.

Gun recall effort against Colorado lawmaker fails, 3 more pending.


William Flatt said...

As I said, we're going to have no choice but to push every last collectivist off the continent, if we are to prevent being enslaved. Start at the Atlantic coast, and push westward till the commies are either full of lead or forced to swim to China!!

WarriorClass III said...

We passed that point with the introduction of the Diebold voting machines. In the 2008 Republican primary John McCain was dead last until he hit the states with the Diebold voting machines, and magically he became the come-back kid. Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

We are. Given the abundance of laws already on the books that infringe on our inalienable or constitutional rights, and the willingness at both the state and federal levels to further infringe this is clear. It seems many of our elected officials don't understand the concept of a constitutional republic that they swore to preserve and protect.

Now we are forced to fight back at a democracy level where three wolves and a sheep are deciding on whats for dinner. In the long run its not going to turn out well for the sheep unless the odds are evened up.

Anonymous said...

Dutch Its past long past the point of no return. Regardless of what the Trolls and appeasers say, Nothing that the anyone can do short of the arrest and public hanging of everyone in the communist left can stave off civil war. God help us but I think It's the only thing left to buy back our country. The only way to stop this now is the mass execution of the bulk of the federal government, secret police and leftist. I don't think that the republicans or the military have the balls to even try to oppose the commies anymore. Whether we want it or no Time has run out for America. We fight or go to the "camps".

Anonymous said...

Hmm....doesn't bode well for CO. If Durango can't even summon up a little over 10K signatures to recall an anti-gun politician, the rest of the state is probably in now better shape. Durango, is a much lower density population center which leans heavily 'green'....but is probably less leftist than areas like Denver, Boulder, etc.

I think CO may have gone the way of CA.....might be a lost cause with too many socialists now inhabiting the state.

Sad to see.....and they shouldn't give up....just disappointed they couldn't get the signatures needed.

Ashrak said...

So true so true.

The NRA is selling out here in Illinois. Terrible bill "negotiated" by democrats for democrats in Chicago.
We FINALLY get a court order destroying machine politics and the NRA revives it. Disgusting.

The NRA stood down all the people saying trust us....patience..... Well get a good deal. Blah blah blah and the FOOLS sheeped right along according to plan. And NOW they wonder why we are getting SCREWED!

Anonymous said...

"The unfortunate part about all of this, is that this is going to waste hundreds of thousands of local taxpayer dollars that could be going to improve schools, fix roads, and help seniors."

Oh NO! You mean the TOP tier of government, ya know the people, might want to decide for themselves what $ to spend on who should be recalled? How dare they.

Liberty Clause is making a list and checking it twice. It's quite obvious who has been naughty. Now isn't that nice?

Anonymous said...

Were at the point where when a maniac commits a horrendous deed,innocent Americans' rights are on the chopping block; but when gov't does something like the IRS scandal,people demanding gov't power be scaled back to prevent such atrocious tyranny are still called "extremists".
This nation is at the point where the very idea of restricting government power is seen as ludicrous,while restricting the unalienable rights of the individual is a knee-jerk response.

Anonymous said...

In 1776, they were called loyalists, tories, and King's men.

In 2013, we call these types centrists, fence riders, and good-for-nothing dead weight.