Friday, May 31, 2013

IRS scandal grows. Obama’s ‘Chicago Way’

We are learning more about the Obama Enemies' List: "IRS may have targeted conservatives more broadly." As John Funds observes, "The administration’s political tactics are straight out of the Daley playbook."

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Anonymous said...

I recommend getting the names of any IRS or other Gubmint GOON. It doesn't take too long on the internet to find the home address of the GOON. The LAW OF GRAVITY means that the water in their sewer pipe has to flow downhill. What happens if someone were to drop some Ready-Mix Concrete powder down the sewer clean out plug at the GOON'S house? Poop and PEE will back up into their house and it takes a lot of digging to get rid of the plug of concrete. It has worked each and every time I have done it.