Friday, May 24, 2013

"A socialist take on gun violence, state violence, and workers’ right to self-defense."

Channeling Mao. Of course, "arming the workers" only lasts until the party wins, then they are rapidly disarmed.


Robin said...

I think she might actually mean it. I'm not female, nor am I a socialist, but in this case, I'm on her side. Never insult your allies.

SWIFT said...

I'm glad the article mentioned the FBI's attack on the American Indian Movement at Wounded Knee. It was an important Black Eye, among many, for a scumbag agency. These stories, regardless of who puts them out, need to be kept in the public eye. This younger generation doesn't even know about Ruby Ridge or Waco. We need to get them up-to-speed, less they grow up thinking an FBI agent is something honorable.

Anonymous said...

She leaves out the producers she hates so much. EVERYONE has the right for self defense. Guns would not exist if there were no capitalists building them.

It is not capitalism that kills. It is collectivists who kill people because their beliefs are "poisonous" to the Proletariat.

Dr.D said...

interesting, but it's not like she has to convince ANY of us..lets see how it plays with the current "socialist administration"

For the Republic III%
Dr. D