Friday, May 31, 2013

Killer Kollectivist Kalifornication Kicks to Kompletion

California Senate approves seven gun control bills


Anonymous said...

“To purchase a product that has the potential to maim or kill another human being you can (now) walk into a gun store, no questions asked,” he added. “I think that’s a little outrageous.”

You can walk into any car dealership and purchase a vehicle that has the potential to maim or kill another human being. Outrageous!

H in MO

Anonymous said...

H. L. Mencken, a prolific journalist and individualist libertarian advocated a method of punishment for "job holders". He believed that voting them out of office would only allow another "job holder" to take over who was potentially worse. Anybody would be allowed to assault a judge, or congress critter, but the assault had to fit the crime. One could pull the nose, bash upside the cranium, or shoot them, and then the jury would decide if the punishment was warranted. We'd see more of them pay attention to their constitutional mandates.
H in MO

jimbilly93436 said...

Please make the Golden State one of your stops on the Civil Disobedience 2013 tour.

Crotalus said...

Ban them all. Then we can start the Revolution here.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Considering that California was once an economic powerhouse, an agricultural powerhouse, culturally conservative, had an excellent school and university system, and pretty free, the statists have used it as a clinic on how to destroy everything ever since they took power. Want to know what's coming for the rest of the country? Look at California.