Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Colorado Dems tweet that sheriffs backing gun-control lawsuit side with ‘criminals’

If they're looking for criminals, they ought to look in a mirror.


Anonymous said...

So, 55 out of 62 Sheriffs in Colorado are pro-gun. That is a huge Conservative majority. Yet, I'm is it that the Left controls the Governorship and the State Legislature?

Also.....New York State and Colorado are, what you would call, "test cases" for gun control. It's to see how well it would work on a national level, to see what kind of resistance there is.

So far, the vast majority of the Sheriffs in Colorado and many Sheriffs in NY State are telling the gun-grabbers to go pound sand.

I wouldn't be surprised if the administration is working up a plan for the DHS to go in and arrest those Sheriffs who refuse to go along with this gun-grabbing scheme.

Anonymous said...

The democrats are crying about recall elections in Colorado. But they have only themselves to blame. They set this "recall" precedent when they decided to go after Wisconsin Gov. Walker and 6 other republicans, simply because they passed a law that the democrats didn't like.

Anonymous said...

Recall effort in CO failed.
Sheriffs of the counties are elected by their county constituents, naturally.
Denver and Denver County along with a lot of the Dem controlled counties have enough votes to control the legislature and governor's office. For now.
Behind Enemy Lines in Colorful Commierado

Anonymous said...

So Morse now calls law abiding citizens, who refuse to comply with his draconian law, criminals. He is now judge and jury.

Typical Narcissistic Statist Regressive Tyrant.

What was white is now black, what was right is now wrong.

A time of reckoning is approaching.

Who is the criminal?

Anonymous said...

I'll say it again -- nice way for the Elitist Dem Libtards in charge to piss of and alienate the enforcement arm of their Gubbment.
What goes around, comes around.

B Woodman