Saturday, May 25, 2013

"There's No Reason for Cops to Panic About 3D-Printed Guns."

"None of which is meant to imply that this could someday be a real concern. Someday, we could see very cheap, very effective printers that are commonplace, making the prospect of a society overrun with untraceable, undetectable weapons a real concern. But that day is very much not today."
Which misses the entire point of the exercise.


Anonymous said...

"You'll shoot your eye out, Kid!"

I'm quite sure that when Gen. De Gaulle vetoed the allies plan to distribute the original Liberator pistols in occupied France, the safety of the children was foremost on his mind.


Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

The author of that article, Philip Bump, is the same collectivist herbivore who wrote "No, Really, Regulate the Bullets" (by which he means "regulate the cartridges").

He finishes the article with an argument so stupid you only see it occasionally--that while "arms" are protected by the Second Amendment, ammunition isn't:

It doesn't say a single thing about the right to own bullets. At the time of the adoption of the Constitution, bullets were largely inert slugs, loaded into flint-lock muskets propelled with loose gunpowder packed into the muzzle. There was no need to assure the right to ammunition, which may be the loophole the government needs to dramatically curtail the scourge of gun violence.


xtron said... why are LEOs so concern with a single shot pistol that requires a multithousand dollar high teck gizmo....when...anybody with a hacksaw, a drill a file and some pipe can build an effective single shot shotgun....and there are plans for field expedient ammunition built with commom hardware store supplies. story or potential new laws there...

William Flatt said...

The author has it all wrong. Mr. Bump's understanding is limited and works off of all the wrong premises. The collectivists are trying to downplay their very real fear over 3D-printing, for several reasons I will spell out:
1) These one-shot guns are PERFECT, as the name implies, for LIBERATING a fully metallic firearm from an oppressor... the pistol can then be handed off to someone else who needs a metallic gun of their own.
2) Neither the DEFCAD files for making a Liberator pistol, standard 30-rd magazines, or anything else... can be fully censored from the internet and if all else fails, you can obtain a complete set of files from a constitutional militias such as Michigan's or Indiana's.
3) Bullets and slugs can be made for close-range work just as the 3D pistol can. So much for microstamping!
4) Just as the tools for liberty can be downloaded and printed, so can the 3D printers themselves. The RepRap project has ALREADY enabled thousands of 3D printers to be made from other 3D printers, and the parts that cannot be replicated on the printer can be bought as parts kits just like firearms. The frames for these printers are made from inexpensive metallic rods that can be bought at ANY hardware store and cut to length.

The pistol can shoot up to 10 shots before barrel failure in some cases, but that's not the key: The barrel itself can be reinforced as well as produced in quantity in case follow-up shots are needed... and the barrel change can be done in just a couple of seconds. Each barrel could be carried with a cartridge pre-loaded, one would only need to drop in the barrel, cock and fire.

If one can afford a complete AR-15 parts kit (which is everything minus the lower receiver), you can buy that without a background check or FFL transfer. The AR-15 reinforced lower can be printed from the defcad fileset and a complete rifle assembled. This would enable a freedom fighter to potentially use that unregistered and numberless rifle for hundreds of rounds against an occupying force / tyrannical government at MUCH longer ranges than the liberator pistol.

Of course, regular visitors to SSI already know this and I'm preaching to the choir. But for all you who may be new, the point being is that censorship is impossible, and access cannot be controlled. The numbers & locations of where these can be owned, stored, made, etc. are innumerable. The potential is immediate and grows daily; I've downloaded DEFCAD's complete archive particularly the Liberator pistol, improved reinforced AR-15 lower, & the 30-rd standard capacity magazines (AR & AK), but I downloaded them AFTER the website removed them, and I have shared them via bittorrent to God knows how many others.

The bottom line is the collectivists cannot keep up with changes in technology or the tools for liberty. We will ignore their shrill calls for gun control, 3D printer control, or registration of anything else that these idiots deem a threat to their crumbling power. The threat is not just real, the threat is overwhelming and immediate and innumerable. 3D printing as a tool for liberty can only keep getting better from here on.

What Mr. Bump and others are trying is to do now is lull the masses back to sleep, and trick newly awakened patriots into thinking that there is no immediate value in the DEFCAD files, that 3D printers are prohibitively expensive and inadequate to the task of making liberty tools, and "move along, there is nothing to see here".

Secretly though, they're definitely defecating themselves over the 3D revolution because they slept through the whole thing and acted after it was all too late, AND THEY KNOW IT.

petie3 said...

I believe you can duplicate a firearm either with the 3D printer and the 'lost wax' casting technique which Ruger uses for all his weapons. They are remarkably strong and virtually jam-proof, and at least military-accurate. Some are VERY accurate, some not so much.