Thursday, May 23, 2013

Holder OK'd search warrant for Fox News reporter's private emails, official says

Attorney General Eric Holder signed off on a controversial search warrant that identified Fox News reporter James Rosen as a “possible co-conspirator” in violations of the Espionage Act and authorized seizure of his private emails, a law enforcement official told NBC News on Thursday.


SWIFT said...

This report has to be mistaken. Holder said he "recused" himself from that investigation,,,and you know he don't lie! A little perjury here and there, but no lies. Just ask him. POS!

Charles N. Steele said...

If Obama, Holder, et al. aren't brought to justice over all of these violations pf the Constitution, it won't be for lack of evidence. They've provided enough rope to hang 'em a dozen times over.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Looks like the nasty little Himmler personally signed them too:

Here's more Waco rules, in the form of crash a plane into an irs building crisis as a means. It is an incidence from the wayback machine... but the tyrant on Pennsylvania Ave
made an obscure reference to it yesterday. More coordination with the journolister apparatchiks?, dog whistling?, or is it due to loosing the mandate of heaven?:

Speaking of signing off on acts of treason, guess who at the irs got caught red freaking handed perjuring herself? I mean it's tyranny on a silver platter. Wonder how Issa and the rest of the red coats are going to take a Bohener dive on this?:

This kind of leaves no doubt laws are only for the little people, that the rule of law does not exist in government, except when it is a tool to enforce tyranny:

"Court Which Issued Secret Subpoena for James Rosen's Emails Kept the Filings Secret for a Year and a Half Despite Being Ordered by Another Federal Court to Disclose the Documents"

And these sons of a bitches, they want to take my arms?

Talk about loosing the mandate of heaven.

These bums can't even run a Banana Republic without making fools of themselves.
What are these clowns going to do when people figure they have enough of this bullshit and give them the old Lexington bridge treatment?
I'm saying, this whole edifice of globalist/marxist tyranny is so rotten at it's core, it don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of withstanding a second declaration of independence.

Michael said...

" But, he said, "Our focus must be on those who break the law," not journalists."

So, is he talking about Amendment 1 or 2? Substitute "law abiding gun owners" for "journalists" I don't recall Isikoff being a strong 2A supporter. Interesting to see the reporters squirm when the tyranny is directed at them.