Monday, May 27, 2013

Of Kokesh, John Parker and Fort Sumters.

Alan W. Mullenax comments on Latest on Kokesh: “We will see you on the front lines of freedom on July 4th, 2013 for this, The Final American Revolution.”
Gotta be honest, I don't know what to make of the dude. However, if he does in fact serve as a John Parker, I got no bitch. I'm of the opinion that patriots, what few are left, need a kick in the ass to get started. We constantly rail about no Fort Sumters. Mostly because of comfort and cowardice, again in my opinion. Personally, at the least I support the guy. Hell, I may even show up to the party depending on how things develop. It's important to remember that Samuel Adams and John Hancock were in Lexington on the night of April 18th. I have no doubt that the initial confrontation was thought out, staged, and executed. I have no bitch with that either. If this gig starts the party rolling, I have no bitch with that either.
A. Captain Parker did not march his unit up to the British roadblock on the Boston Neck and demand entrance. The Patriots contrived a situation over many months, if not years, to make the British come to THEM, not the other way around. That was because they were serious men, cognizant of the weight of leadership responsibility and convinced that while they would not back down, that they would surrender the vital moral high ground of refusing to take the first shot while standing upon their rights as Englishmen under the English Constitution. Get that? SERIOUS men. Whatever egos they had were subordinated to the task at hand. They did not try to execute wild hair ideas by posting a circular on the village green. Every move was fully thought out before execution. What thought, what reflection, what responsibility, what preparation and organization does Kokesh's proposed action demonstrate? If he wants to bet his own ass on such an ill-thought venture that's one thing. Risking others is something else again. But any comparison between Kokesh and Parker is both historically ignorant and insulting to Parker's memory.
To underline the above: Parker was just one small cog in a liberty organization. He was responsible to both his men and to the resistance leadership of the colony of Massachusetts. This was, as I noted above, the result of years of organization and preparation -- political, social and military. If Parker was urged to stand his ground by Sam Adams (as seems likely, since it was a change plan from what he had agreed to with his men earlier in the morning), then it was because Adams convinced Parker that the General Gage had finally stuck his official dick in the moral and political grinder. Remember that the British column was not only a raid for firearms but an attempt to capture the resistance leadership in the form of Adams and Hancock. Gage HOPED to accomplish both without a fight, but in his arrogance he didn't foresee what a political victory he was handing the resistance if it didn't happen the way he'd planned. The BRITISH had marched out of Boston under arms to work their will upon the Colonists. They were plainly the aggressor, not the other way around. No matter who fired the first shot, WHERE that shot was fired was vitally important in the propaganda predicate to the Revolution. Kokesh, if he can maintain his dope-fogged attention span, ought to read and internalize a little more history.
B. Mullenax says: "We constantly rail about no Fort Sumters. Mostly because of comfort and cowardice, again in my opinion." Since I am the principal advocate of the phrase "No Fort Sumters" it is presumably me that he's criticizing as cowardly and comfortable. He is entitled to his opinion. But I say that the Founders would not have thought so. Their entire record from the Stamp Act to 19 April 1775 demonstrates their appreciation of the political and military realities that they faced. How many provocations did they refuse to answer with violence, preferring to take as much time as they could to lay the groundwork for 19 April when they maneuvered the British into dancing to their tune? Many. They used those provocations to continue to build their case against the King and his ministers, to continue to build their own rival political and military structures, Again, they understood how vital it was for them not to take the first shot, nor even the second or third, but to absorb the blows until they were as fully ready as they could make themselves. That was not cowardice, nor addiction to comfort. It was smart and, in the end, through many other trials, tribulations and sacrifices IT WORKED. The historical record shows that the Confederates, by allowing themselves to be manipulated by Lincoln into firing on Fort Sumter, lost whatever moral high ground they had.
C. So, does this make those of us who are risking our asses standing our ground while defying these new laws of King Barack and his minions on the state level (no new federal laws having been enacted) cowards and comfort addicts, or merely smart, responsible people who rightly fail to jump at the latest "call to action" on the Facebook page of an historically-amnesiac, irresponsible anarchist doper?
This is serious business, people, and ought to be prosecuted by serious people who feel the weight of the responsibility that it entails. When you are talking about initiating another civil war that will stack up bodies by the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands or even millions, there is no place for impatience, recklessness or failure to think things through. Contriving to surrender the moral high ground at the beginning of the conflict is to wink at the prospect of the failure of one's own cause. What then IS Kokesh's cause? Anarchy? Yeah, that'll work. But to what purpose and in whose interest? History will judge that. And somewhere the Founders will be weeping in righteous anger and frustration that we paid no attention to their successful template of liberty.
But comparing Kokesh to Captain Parker? Pull the other one.


Anonymous said...

Ever notice that WAR is called for the most by men who have never seen it?--Ray

Frederick H Watkins said...

First off, for me to go to Washington D.C. for a simple day of protest is not something easily done for me. It is a bit far for me and getting time off from work can be difficult. But from the get go this Kokesh thing sounded unsound and may even be dangerous to those who will go. Like my Dad would say, "It sounds a lot like 'Deliverance' to me." Speaking of the movie Deliverance with Bert Reynolds from way back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Last I heard Kokesh is still in jail after his arrest at a pro-marijuana rally.

Kokesh seems to like it when things blow up into something bigger than expected. Good enough reason for me to stay away from his armed march, and to recommend others do the same.

BTW, how many armed stoners are planning to march with Kokesh on July 4th?

Robin said...

I don't believe for a minute that there are fewer patriots left. Think about all the tens of millions that have served who return to civilian life. I think it is the objective media and academia that has disappeared. I honestly can't think of one person I know that doesn't love this country. You are known by the company you keep, so please don't support this "attention whore".

WarriorClass III said...

If you are considering following Adam Kokesh's armed march on D.C., this is something to consider:

Adam says the point of the march is to prove that we really don't have any freedom in D.C. and the hypocrisy of the law. Well, we already know that. So what's the point? You will be photographed with super-high definition cameras giving intel to the enemy.

And if shooting does start, do you want to be in a kill box on the bridge?

There will be a time to march on D.C. and it won't be for a peaceful show of force. And hopefully it will not be lead by an Adam Kokesh.

I'd recommend you keep gathering your own intel rather than giving it up to the thugs & criminals. And let them put themselves in a kill box, not you.

Paul W. Davis said...

It seems that virtually everyone has forgotten how to play chess.

You must be careful in chess. You can lose, and lose big by being overly aggressive.

pelletfarmer said...

"...their successful template of liberty."

You gotta be kidding, Mike. So if it's successful, then what's everyone yapping about?

And no, Ray, I didn't notice that. Is that about Alan or just a wild generalization? What I did notice, though, is that men who thought they were fighting for America and liberty, were ultimately under the orders of men sending them into battle for reasons altogether different.

There are exactly two choices now---brutal, ugly war with its attendant destruction, or VERY clear thinking with its attendant creation and production. Pretending that we had a "successful template of liberty," but are now on the edge of fullblown tyranny anyway, is neither; it's just plain fantasy.

brass bryan said...

mike, this kind of thinking is why i come back again and again. keep it up, we're with you. bryan

Anonymous said...

Adam Kokesh marching into D.C. is just what the DOJ ordered. Now they can assign anyone and everyone even tangentially connected "co-conspirator" status and shift their eavesdropping and electronic investigations into overdrive.

The Stasi Police would be so proud.

Remember, the regime has already decided that WE ARE THE ENEMY. They're already at WAR with US.

Adam Kokesh is providing opportunity and reason to escalate their attacks. A very poor tactic to use against a strategically and logistically superior force already deployed on the battle field.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen war but I damned well don't call for it. I expect it; HAVE expected it for most of a decade. But I never want to see it.

My son has seen war (he unloaded the first shipload of supplies for Desert Storm). So has his Father-in-law (in the Nam. all it cost him was his knees). None of us want it. You see, the three of us all have grandchildren. We all have a very food idea of what a civil war would mean for those grandchildren. We also have a pretty good idea of what NO civil war would mean for them. But I greatly fear that while Kokesh's "demonstration" might well set off a war, it would likely also set more than a few potential oath keepers irrevocably against the rebels' cause. That is why "No Fort Sumters" is such an all-important principle. A "Fort Sumter" type even would delegitimize the insurgent's cause - for many irreparably - to a large number of active duty armed forces members who might otherwise have sided with them. Neither Kokesh nor his shill, Mullenax appear to be capable understanding that. They also fail to understand the principle articulated so perfectly in Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven".

Anonymous said...

I've never been to war, still war is the last thing we want.


Charles N. Steele said...

Kokesh is obviously a mental case.

What I can't understand is how anyone could read MV's writings and then think Kokesh's proposed stunt makes any sense at all. The closest analogy to Kokesh I can think of is Custer's "strategy" at Little Bighorn, but that's paying this idiotic plan too much respect.

Gunny G said...

Kokesh is a fake at best, a false flag Obomunist at the worst. Let the bum march alone into DC and see what his "kin" do to him.

Many of us vets will know when it is time to act, we don't need some half-cocked wannabe loon to tell us OR lead us.

Alan W. Mullenax said...

No Mike, nothing was directed at you personally. I've heard the "No Fort Sumter" cry from more than a few corners of community. Whether it originated with you or not, I could care less.

But since we're on the subject, I do think it is important to understand that before the attack began, Confederate negotiators met with the Federal command in the fort about their repositioning of troops when it was previously agreed that all troop dispositions remain in place while talks were still going on.

Was it a reason to start a war? Dunno. But that fact of the matter is that it was.

So, here we are. Understand, I'm not jazzed about fighting anybody over anything. I've managed to make it into my sixities with all my parts and pieces still functioning properly. I thank God for that blessing. And while I have arrived at this point with virtually everything, I didn't arrive here with my country. Something that I gave eight years of my life to serve. Something that I love very much.

I'm reasonably sure I'm not alone with regard to my feeling of lost country. I've conversed and met many of like mind. I even shook your hand once upon a time. Therefore, a bunch does exist that possess a common view of a problem. The angst comes in with how to solve the problem.

You are quite certain of what you believe to be the way forward. So do I. I think at this point physical confrontation is necessary. The Kokesh dude has called for such action. The last thing I read was that five thousand are on board with the gig. I'm not convinced that the way it's advertised to go down is the right way to do it, but I am down with a large number of armed citizens protesting in Washbington D.C. So to that extent I support it. It's physical confrontation. It's breaking a few laws. I support it.

Now, I understand you have a few things planned to go out and confront authority and break a few laws. I support those endeavors as well. In fact, the possibility of me standing with you in Colorado, or New Jersey, or Massachusetts, or Connecticut is a possibility. Just as I might show up in D.C.

I guess what this is all coming down to is what makes your actions so rightous while those of others are not? I know more than a few people that think you're nuts and your planned actions are a detriment to the cause just like I know people that think Kokesh is a nut and his actions are a detriment to the cause.

My view is that whatever could happen at Kokesh's event could happen at yours. And any particular event could be "the event". This is not a game played on a chess board of only 64 squares where outcomes are finite. This gig is real life and the possibilities are infinite. Nobody knows the order of battle. Not even you.

Anonymous said...

Mike - excellent analysis and refutation of the 'plan' to 'march' on DC. Bringing the 'fight' to them (either literally or metaphorically) essentially cedes that moral high ground to them. We MUST get them to initiate the latest 'intolerable act'.
BTW - as I was recently reminded, Paul Revere's oft misquoted line was not 'the British are coming' (they were all considered British Citizens then) - it was actually 'the Regulars are coming'. A very important distinction that we would be well served to heed - WE must make them come to us (ie as you stated 'dance to our tune')

CzarChasm said...

Dutchman6 said: "Gotta be honest, I don't know what to make of the dude. However, if he does in fact serve as a John Parker, I got no bitch. I'm of the opinion that patriots, what few are left, need a kick in the ass to get started."

Mike, this is just a question, but do you know anything more about Kokesh than what he's got planned for the DC armed march? Do you know that he is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood? Did you know that one of his most reliable allies is Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Code Pink? Did you know that the radio show that most media outlets refer to when they say he's a "radio talk show host" is RT, or "Russia Today?"

I'd be happy to provide documentation for my assertions if you need (or want) it. I believe that the Philly arrest and prosecution is trumped up to try to "disappear" him until July 4 comes and goes, and as such, of course I don't support the Philly, PA or federal LE agents involved in it. That said, Adam Kokesh is a propagandist, much more comparable to Van Jones than to John Parker. He is not someone Patriots need to follow. He's an Alinskyite, not a 2A advocate. His goal is to use America's rules against her, not to protect or preserve them. Patriots would be better off ignoring him than getting distracted by his antics.


Anonymous said...

Some would say they have already come for us several times others would say not really..
There is wisdom in your words.
I only hope the DC scum don't take this opportunity to make an example of them. I did see the video where there was something planted on Kokesh during his arrest and it was very plain but those are the same tactics that handlers use when they need to interview their operatives wthout blowing their cover nd we all know about the federal govts penchant for using instigators and such..
This is a devious world we live in.

Yank lll

davy crocket said...

So we wait? Until when? There is as many differing answers to that question as there are stars in the sky. So we wait until it is so bad that we have no choice? Who speaks for us? Ron Paul? You? Kerodin? Kokesh?

In the revolution it was possible to know who the leaders were and who to follow but these days it is hard to tell the nuts from the fruits and flakes.

Where's an old ground pounder supposed to stand? Behind you? Beside you or in front? On my own?

Leadership is the key to achieving any goal so who's leading this dance?

Us old dogs have had decades to organize, train, resist, politic and defend but things have just gotten worse and worse on our watch. Despite all the bluster and theorizing, blogging and punditfication we are staring enslavement in the face .

They know we are waiting for them to make a stupid move to give us the momentum we need so do you think they will just hand it to us? Very unlikely. We will be turned into rebels and terrorists in the media which will turn the public against us. They are already doing it and fairly successfully.

We all know there's going to be a fight and that defeat is not an option. It won't be fought by the sick, lame and lazy but by our daughters and our sons. We sowed the seeds of freedom in them. We'd best offer them some leadership or the Kokeshs will.

Kokesh is using the one tool we have failed to master, the media. His methods, good or bad, have valuable lessons for our "fearless" leaders.

Question to you historical minded people-During the American Revolution, how many people went to jail or prison for revolutionary activity before the shooting started? How many people suffered before we started fighting back? How many people lost their homes, fortunes and friends and families before they said enough of this BS.

Many more of us average joe dirts will have to be put in to jails before things will change. It is really a question of how soon or how much later.

JimHickey said...

SWIFT said...

Waco was the new Fort Sumter. As far as I'm concern, when the lead is flying, having the moral high ground ain't worth two shits! It is to be remembered that "winners" write the history books. So when the chapter on, "Moral High Ground" comes up; just write in that we had it.

Anonymous said...

What the Heck, Go Prepared. Bofors 40mm, Minimum. Lotsa smoke. Bayonets.

Anonymous said...

I dont have a dog in the hunt with Kokesh, I am very ambivilant toward him and his idea. I will say this. It aint 1775 and it aint 1860. The rules have changed and the game is much different in the live ball era. No one sees it coming it just gets here. It may even arrive with someone you dont really care for riding it. What if Kokesh sets it off? What if he marches with 100 lunitic supporters and Mugabe uses it as his starter gun? What will you do then? Sorry officer I am not participating in this revolution because I dont agree with Kokesh...what then?


Anonymous said...

I dont care if Kokesh belongs to any group anywhere, that goes for the Communist party of the freaking USA to the Hello Kitty fanclub.
I say use his voice and his numbers. You all worry about some false flag event. Who cares if it is? You honestly think that our country would be the same the day after a massacre in which anyone, provocatuer, sideshow clown, or moron with a megaphone got killed for choosing a contested Constitutional right to protest. BS.
Why not stop worrying about them cracking down on rights that are god given.
You either decide to challenge in a way that they cannot ignore or you pass on having never seen again the rights you lost. What will be your regret?
Only an idiot wants a war. But only a bigger idiot would delay it for their children to fight.
I freaking hate Kokesh, but I dont mind using morons I cant stand to help me achieve a goal.

pelletfarmer said...

"We MUST get them to initiate the latest 'intolerable act'"

Uh huh. So which one is that? Exactly one? Ten? A thousand? And why don't the other ten thousand already passed count?

Or were those tolerable? Maybe we should check with Mrs. Guerena about that.

The answer's been around for two hundred years: "Live free or die." The bogeymen on the other side are already bankrupt and know it; the only tool left in their kit is just plain ol' extortion. And honest, hardworking Americans are dizzy from not knowing what to do about extortionists? I mean, really that so tough?

"Live free or die." The universe doesn't care---either your life is worth it to you, or it isn't.

Happy D said...

Kokhead won't serve as John Parker.

But he will gladly serve as Benedict Arnold.

A Federal Farmer said...

Im curious to hear the Sipsey Street take on the latest turn of this event. Kokesh has been released from Federal Detention. He is NOT, I repeat NOT marching on DC in an Open Carry capacity. He is now calling for a decentralized 'final american revolution' and calling for OC marches on all the State Capitols. This seems to be something the anti-DC-march folks have advocated all along. NOW can the rest of the pro gun movement get behind this or not?

Anonymous said...

I hope the fascist tyrants fail to get the false flag attack by 'insurrectionists' they so obviously want and desperately wanted Boston to be. Let them try to blackbag a bunch of state lawmakers when they nullify their unconstitutional laws, let them bring the fight to us and then get their asses handed to them once word gets around what they're up to. If there is going to be a Civil War 2.0 I'd much rather have air support than be cut off isolated and starving without any free enclaves.

Anonymous said...

Fellas, trust me one of the best pieces of evidence that Adam is a plant is his firing from RT. Just sayin'. I have talked to people who know people. He pulled that dumbass FEC violation stunt that Kincaid called him on (right about the time Kincaid was probably paid a sum of money to turn against Ron Paul after defending the Texas Congressman) on purpose to give them a public excuse to fire him rather than a possible real reason -- ties to the Obama apparat.