Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Oathkeepers statement on the Kokesh July 4th march.

"Oath Keepers does NOT endorse Adam's march."
Question: I hear that Kokesh has called off the march in favor of marches in all 50 state capitols. I don't do Facebook, so can someone please tell me what his latest plan really is?


Brutus said...

Mike: http://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Media/135291-2013-05-26-05-27-13-adam-kokesh-james-babb-n-a-poe.htm

Listen to the 3rd hour with Kokesh. The event is described there.

William Flatt said...

Mike, I've looked at EVERYTHING that I can search for online as of today, and I'm not seeing any postings that say the DC march is called off. I think Astroturf Adam is trying to double down by doing a DC march while simultaneously inciting armed marches on all 50 state capitols.

He's also advocating the secession of a majority of states from the union, which would trigger a CON-CON, the very thing that would abolish the Constitution, and with it the Bill of Rights.

I can't begin to state strongly enough that this man is employed by Obama's O.F.A. organization and he's working FOR the NWO, not against it. There are dozens of people like this who have inserted themselves into the patriot movement in the last 8 years.

The minute I get some solid intel, I will share it.

Anonymous said...

Since this boy Kokesh WORKS FOR THE OBAMA's......

Torque said...

Stay clear of this Kokesh character.
Mr. Flatt has this issue figured out, spot on. Now is not the time to have a Constitutional Convention with the people in the White House today.

More opinions: http://whatreallyhappened.com/node/240803


Torque said...

Another opinion; this one from Bob Powell.
Patriots Being Led Into "Kill Zone" At D.C. "Armed Revolt"

Anonymous said...

I get why people think the march is a bad idea and I believe so myself too, but I don't get why some people all of a sudden start spouting off gay shit like "he working for the NWO". So just because somebody is doing something you don't agree with they are automatically agent provocateurs?

-TAG Ripper

Anonymous said...

As a former "Arizona Patriot" (so-called by the media, never by ourselves, as there was only a subscriber list to the traitor Ty Hardin's rag and then anybody who'd even heard of him was tagged such by local media & leo's), I say this weasel Kokesh is an 'agent provacateur'.

The fibbies had two of 'em in Hardin's group. Easy enough to spot: they're the ones who are always advocating for some kind of violent, or potentially violent, offensive action. And 10 times out of 10 they won't be there when the deal goes down.

Anonymous said...

Well that settles it for me. I always thought it was a dumb idea and all thoughtful patriots should stay away. But Stewart Rhodes is a very sharp guy. If OK knows something's not right about Mr. Kokesh - despite his quasi black bagging arrest which should be condemned, by present company included, were it not an act - then it's time to cut the crap.

Despite the 'if you don't stand up know, when will you stand up?' comments, Obama's minions, or more accurately his puppet masters, would certainly like nothing better than an 'insurrection' to use to start dropping the hammer. It's what all the rhetoric from the Rev. Al saying you can't fight a drone with an AR-15 to the MIAC Report to the Southern Poverty Pimp Law Center and other anti-'insurrectionist' agitprop has been built up for...a real honest to goodness false flag.

AIM's Cliff Kincaid getting paid to shove a camera in Kokesh's face and him pulling the dumb FEC violation to get conveniently fired from RT once that channel's security got on to him should've been pretty decent tip offs.

Ok Mike you and a few others I respect have convinced me Mr. Kokesh is some sort of plant.

Corpsman said...

This became about Kokesh because we allowed it to be about him. It should have been appropriated by the people. Stewart Rhodes is an embarrassment. I say that as an Oathkeeper.Stewart would rather waste our time and money in marketing efforts such as sponsoring a Nascar driver in an effort to make "Oathkeepers a household name." It's about the Constitution, not about the Oathkeepers. Rhodes and Kokesh are birds of a feather. They are both media marketing whores. If we allow the movement to be usurped by such as these than all is lost. If we remove the credible threat of violence from the discussion then you might as well turn in your guns now. Probably your testicles too.

Anonymous said...

To the AZ Patriot....

Ya, except Kokesh hasn't advocated violence in ANY of his very publicized stands against government tyranny and infringement on our rights.

"Conservatives" are so easy to manipulate. You think anyone who believes in the freedom to own their own body is a 'dope head'. You get sidetracked by issues like gay marriage far too easily as if it's your business how two consenting adults conduct themselves.

We sorely need a mind-your-own-damn-business party in this country....but we'll never get it b/c liberals want to tell everyone what to eat to be "healthy", how to live to be safe (i.e., no guns) and conservatives want to tell everyone who they can associate with, and how they can use their bodies.

Try focusing on the bigger picture.

Anonymous said...

I love how many of you cite the fact that the "free adam" website was put in place BEFORE he was arrested, thereby proving (in your twisted minds) that he's a government plant.

Too funny. You guys obviously are LATE TO THE FREAKIN' PARTY.

Kokesh has been arrested multiple times over the last few years and anyone who's been paying ANY attention to the liberty/libertarian/freedom movement KNOWS that these peaceful protests often get the leaders incarcerated, thereby necessitating phone bomb campaigns (all launched by such websites) to prosecutors, DAs, and the local PDs and media to get them released after being arrested on bogus "resisting arrest" or the famous "disorderly conduct" charges.

You prattle on about how one has to be "smart" in dealing with the government. Why then is it "NOT SMART" to have a plan to get yourself out of jail after such a protest since in all likelihood you'll be arrested as a leader?

Why do we look on Kokesh with disdain for defending our rights by being willing to be imprisoned and risk our fatally flawed and corrupt "just-us" system while we hypocritically sit on our asses and avoid peaceful confrontation with OUR REPRESENTATIVES in hopes of avoiding a violent confrontation?

Oh, that's right....b/c it's so much more exciting to mentally masturbate to the idea of having to "overthrow" our corrupt gubmint by force so we can prove just how manly we really are, LOL.

What a freakin' joke our community is....a sad one.

Anonymous said...

Kokesh gave an interview here:
The Washington rally is off. It is instead to be held at each state capitol.
Note the logo of the organization here:

Anonymous said...

I disagree about OK and NASCAR. It is necessary to take the liberty movement mainstream, otherwise we're just never going to reach too many people outside of blogs like this one. The Dems won not only due to fraud in 2012 but the fraud was plausible because they so dominated the culture for so many years, everyone thought everyone else was supporting Barry Soetoro Hussein.

There has to be a certain amount of marketing for any org to be successful. All this, 'we ain't gonna start nothin', we'll just sit on our guns and tin cans of prepper food' crap isn't going to get it done. Unless you already live up in the remotest parts of the country like the UP or northern Maine or anywhere basically closer to Canada, there is no place to 'bug out to' regardless of your preps if nobody's gotten off their asses and made sure at least a few states are left of Free America before the D.C. fascisti launch their Barbarossa.

William Flatt said...

As promised, here's the solid skinny on Astroturf Adam & the DC 'Million Moron March'; http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/armed-march-on-dc-canceled/2013/05/30/6045219e-c95b-11e2-9f1a-1a7cdee20287_story.html

I had a feeling from the beginning that he would chicken out, if for no other reason that he knew his proposed COA would get him sent to prison for a long time...