Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Poor little innocent Trayvon.

New Evidence Shows Trayvon's Life Unraveling
Question: How bad are the riots going to be when Zimmerman is acquitted this summer?
LATER: Well so much for that. I should have guessed. Trayvon Martin Text Messages And Photos Limited By Judge In Case


Anonymous said...

The verdict could come just in time for the Kokesh false flag march on Washington, too.

Of course TPTB must suppress the Tea Party resurgence as well.

Interesting times, indeed.


TimeHasCome said...

Zimmerman will be found innocent then Holder will file hate crime charges and have him jailed again .
Unfortunately in this Civil War we were born with our uniform on . Skin color will determine sides . Since all of the fighting will be done in cities and cities are all liberal I will sit this one out.

Anonymous said...

It appears that truth is its own defense. Regardless what the MSM may bray about, crime statistics tell the truth. Look at what is going on in Chicagobama-the shootings. Blacks are violent, physical people and that is the way they settle things. Watch the show: THE FIRST 48. Who are the victims? Who are the suspects?
I was a cop for 30 years in a major metro area in Kalifornia. I know what I am speaking about. When I retired, my family and I got out before we had to shoot our way out. If this makes me a racist, then so be it.

William Flatt said...

I hate to cast this in racial terms, but these terms were laid out at the start when guys like Al Sharpton immediately played the race card:

Because of the racial polarization of the Zimmerman case, the deliberate mis-characterization by the State Attorney, of: Zimmerman's injuries (by releasing a black & white copy of Zimmerman's color photograph showing the extent of his injuries); the deliberate mis-characterization of Martin's actions and his statements prior to the fatal confrontation; and the incitement of racial war [yes, the black racists out there called for the extermination of the white race to 'avenge' Martin], it is almost a certainty that people like Sharpton, the uptight libtards at PMSNBC, certain black racist politicians, and others, will work to re-ignite the racial violence.

Those of you who know me know how much I despise racists. I aver that racism, however tightly woven it is into our nation's history, are NOT part of America's values. It is collectivism based on racial groupings; and collectivism runs contrary to everything the founders believed in. Many of our founders, although they owned slaves, disliked this institution that they inherited from the English. Although not all slaves were black, and some indentured were white, they saw that the inequity was becoming an institution. This is why they tried to abolish slavery early on, albeit unsuccessfully. The founders in many cases sought to manumit their servants; many stayed on with their former owners as employees. Others were rewarded with freedman status or were already freemen, from James Armistead and Peter Salem as examples of the former and Lemuel Haynes as one of many examples of the latter. Many fought for our independence with honor and courage, sometimes at the expense of their lives.

There were also those that fought for the British, because they were motivated not by a spirit of liberty, but rebellion against the whites. This is probably where black Americans' racism was born. But it is worth noting that when the English lost the war, most of these blacks were killed or sold back into slavery elsewhere, and thus their betrayal was the fruit of their ungodly spirit of rebellion.

History informs us of many of the origins of modern events and thus gives us the proper perspective and insight into today's events. Young men, heed the wise words of your elders and men like Mike Vanderboegh, because their life experiences will spare you the time and energy of having to learn certain lessons for yourself...the hard way.

How bad will the riots be? If we don't prepare and organize in advance for this, they will spin out of control nationwide and be an excuse to justify greater police state measures against all of us. We must stand up now and oppose racists of all varieties, so that collectivist scum like Morris Dees and Abe Foxman can't succeed in falsely portraying us as the enemy. Information warfare is a two-way street. Destroy their propaganda by keeping the moral high ground and making the public know that we practice what we preach!!

Mike, if you keep blogging about issues that are so worthy of discussion and debate, I'm going to have to start a blogger.com account of my own and link to you extensively. I'm beginning to feel that my own comments are a blog in their own. Thanks for doing the patriot movement and the nation such a great service, doing what you do. And, thanks!

Anonymous said...

wonder why no mention of any drug , urine or blood being taken from Martin after the event?

you know dam well Zimmermen was tested..

why is there no "toxicology" tests being shown to have been taken? is it because they fucked up and didnt take them, or is it because someone is covering for the truth of those tests?
If no toxicology tests were taken on Martin, but tests were done on Zimmermen that shows discrimination, and proceedural fuck up.
and the question is being asked will any of this be used in the trial, well it dam sure should be, because if it were the other way around you know they would be slaming the shit out of zimmermen for being a drunk druggy with a gun.

Im sick of this where it seems to only work one way..ROL..what goes for one goes for all

Zimmermen killed Martin in complete self defense the fact that hes getting dragged over the coals for this really solidifies the three S's
Shoot Shovel Shut up!

Its coming..the government is no longer held to the rule of law, soon it will leak into our world , if it hasent already

Time to get your fat ass off the couch and get ready for the fight.

Lisa B said...

They will make the Rodney King riots look like a Boy Scout jamboree! I shudder at the thought.

Anonymous said...

How many of you will stand by and let TPTB jail Zimmerman for murder even though this was a 100% correct, and Florida legal, self-defense shoot ? I'm betting ALL OF YOU WILL. You can FEEL the direct circuit to Holder and Obama's land lines crackling with power on this case. They'll be able to cripple stand-your-ground, self defense, and CCL as well as "stick it to the man" and get the riots they so desperately need to foment that very last click stop towards martial law.

Anonymous said...

I reckon they'll be pretty damn bad this time around, Mr Vanderboegh.


Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "why is there no "toxicology" tests being shown to have been taken? is it because they fucked up and didnt take them...."

No, the coroner's report clearly indicated that Trayvon had recently smoked marijuana (THC in blood) and had a history of use (THC compound, but I can't remember the name offhand). The concentrations were not particularly high if I remember correctly. It's been a while since the report was released, and I haven't read it since.

Anonymous said...

Riots? We'll see. Historically, they have a tendency to burn down their own cribs.

Remember, this ain't Boston, NY, or Shitcago. It's shall issue down here, and the players know it. If they're looking for Sa-I-Gu as a function of the state's dog and pony show they'll find it. Same thing if the feds decide to false flag it.


Anonymous said...

Stock market at record highs with no substance behind it (hype & bubble)....check.

High risk of hyperinflation......check.

48 million people on food stamps......check.

The largest entitlement class in history......check.

A president who wants to "radically change America"......check.

The most corrupt administration in history......check.

Compliant, lapdog media that only low-information voters believe in......check.

Racial hatred building.....check.

America rapidly dividing and polarizing between political ideology.....check.

High risk of food shortages over the coming year due to drought.....check.

The DHS buying billions of rounds of ammo......check.

Barry persecuting Americans based on their political beliefs.....check.

Govt poised to instantly legalize 12-20 million illegal immigrants......check.

Governments at all levels trying like mad to disarm civilians, by any means necessary.....check.

Government quickly losing legitimacy......going, going, gone....check.

Yep. A perfect storm is brewing.

All it will take is a spark to ignite this powder keg and it ain't gonna be pretty.

Zimmerman being found "not guilty" may just be that spark.

Anonymous said...

The Treepers have extensively documented Treyvon Martin's history of drug use, and his simmering hostility resulting from a "beat down" in a street MMA encounter earlier. Of more concern to me is the "System" permitted Martin to "skate" on a number of criminal offenses in order to make their numbers look better. IOW Martin is as much a "victim of the state" as is Mr. Zimmerman. But recent presiding court rulings do raise some interesting questions.

If - as the Court has apparently ruled - testimony on Martin's criminal/drug abuse history is inadmissible, does this mean the prosecution can't introduce Zimmerman's past altercations with LE as well ? >Jeff

Anonymous said...

And I will bet a shiny new nickle there are NO riots and that he is found guilty of at least manslaughter. Takers?