Friday, May 24, 2013

Cops frown on citizen who disarmed criminal.

Hey, you can't do that. Only we, the only ones, can do that.


Anonymous said...

This is the same "be a good witness" mentality that has permeated our society and resulted in the 9/11 hijackers being able to fly their planes into buildings without the passengers rising up to fight them.

Stupid. You never know what a criminal with a gun is planning...and if he's smart at all...he's not leaving any witnesses.

Anonymous said...

Gooood grief! To hear the whining at the comments section of the news story, you'd think that the customer had violated the robber's very rights of existence.
The story doesn't say that the customer (who disarmed the robber(s)) was firearms trained or not. He probably got so caught up in the moment of the adrenaline rush (common in a stressful situation) that he fired at the robbers purely out of reflex and self-defense.

As for the LEO po-po and the Kum & Go management, they can take their "don't get involved" and STICK IT! Free men don't wait when a situation is thrust upon them. Free men JUST DO IT! Good on the customer for NOT waiting for permission, and taking swift action!

(And as a side note of gutter humor . . . . "Kum & Go"?? Really?? Seriously?? Sounds like a location for a porno film.)

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Damn Fools - don't they realize that gut-shot robbers are slower to reoffend?

They should be giving the good citizen shooting lessons!


William Flatt said...

What these statist fools fail to understand is that non-involvement is exactly what emboldens criminals and gets people hurt. If these criminals felt that leaving no witnesses behind was their safest option, the customer's inaction would have gotten himself and the clerk killed. Better to go on the offense, fight crime by... fighting crime. Better yet, law-abiding people should all carry guns as long as their religious beliefs don't conflict. An armed citizen is the thing that criminals fear most. This fact is borne out statistically and in direct interviews with career criminals.

But politicians, like criminals, prefer unarmed victims. Why is that? Increasingly, it is clear that politicians have more in common with criminals than meets the eye. The only thing that I would disagree with is shooting at the criminals while they're fleeing. Otherwise, it's us vs. the criminals, and they cannot be allowed to prevail.

Mike in KY said...

The comments on that story are sure evidence of a critical shortage of "Y" chromosomes.

I know we'll always have a percentage of sissies, but to paraphrase Robert Duvall in The Great Santini, "God? What do you have to put so many of them in the world AT THE SAME TIME?"

Anonymous said...

So, just stand there with both thumbs up the a$$ just like in the UK? Right.