Saturday, May 25, 2013

Latest on Kokesh: “We will see you on the front lines of freedom on July 4th, 2013 for this, The Final American Revolution.”

Adam Kokesh Calls on American Revolutionary Army to March on 50 State Capitols
Link to proclamation.


Old Dog said...

Every time I read anything about this idiot only one phrase comes to mind. FALSE FLAG!

Robert Fowler said...

Somebody is going to get killed.

Anonymous said...

Is this a valid source, an article with veracity and integrity?


Is Wayne Madsen's piece accurate and on-target?

Wayne Madsen (Washington):

Charles R. Kokesh J.D.
Chief Executive Officer, Dakota Arms, Inc.
1310 Industry Road
Sturgis, South Dakota 57785

Comment on blog: "Charlie Kokesh who owned Dakota raped a good company. I believe he was indicted and found guilty of financial matters. He put Dakota into bankruptcy and then bought them out of bankruptcy at a greatly reduced price and with creditors left hanging. Remington owns Dakota now."

Dakota sold weapons to Middle East countries, including Jordan.

Kokesh: Director, CellzDirect, Inc. (AMDOCS or Verint anyone?)

Corporal Kokesh's father, who is now pushing some Israeli Kabalah breathing therapy hoo-doo, is pictured below after some New Mexico racetrack and securities deals went sour:

Chairman of Technology Funding Inc - General Partner, Chief Executive Officer of Technology Funding Inc. (Venture capital firm.
Charles Kokesh and his wife, Marla Gokee, a Santa Fe psychiatrist, are listed as supporters of "Shabbat Across America."

Looks like his son, the leader of the armed march on DC, is a member of the "I-Team."


Finally, a really good read on the topic:

''Bunker Hill: A City, A Siege, A Revolution" by Nathaniel Philbrick

Happy D said...

Yes, Follow the Quisling to D.C.
I suggest we show up late. To avenge his death if he has not sold out to his Collective lords.

Anonymous said...

Well whether we like it or not this phony is about to start the war for Obama.

Anonymous said...

I say lets do it. I say bloggers should push this idea.

I can understand the fear that we all feel in undertaking a dangerous task. But fear is not a logical reason for a soldier to not accomplish his task.

Its hilarious, the bloggers that put down this idea all say that "someday" there will be a reckoning, "someday" the people of this nation will rise up against their oppressors. Make your own freaking day for #@%^ sake!

I dont like Kokesh, but he is right about this. We all know a fights coming. We all know that things in this country arent going to get any better for liberty. We all know that things will be worse for our children if nothing is done.

Yes we can all call this idea dangerous, and we can all say that its crazy and it was put out there by a guy with suspect motives.

WHATEVER! I dont care and neither should you.

This has given Patriots a timetable, a place, and instructions.

I would like to point out again that I have heard big words from the commenters on these blogs. Talking about how a fight is coming and so on.

The stand is yours if you want it. You want to keep whining about the state of things, then I guarantee that you will sleep soundly in your bed on the 4th.

You want to finally make that stand then do it. You dont like Kokesh? Fine, unless you live in DC he aint gonna be at your state capital.

Anonymous said...

Kokesh works for "Obama for America" - I'd let him march solo...

SWIFT said...

People getting arrested because a megaphone "might" be a weapon? Kokesh arrested for assault on a federal officer? (The videos clearly show this accusation to be a load of government bullshit.) Having lived through it, it so reminded me of the Nixon years and the protests back then. The praetorian guard made up charges against protestors all across the country.(Local PD's were encouraged by the FBI to commit perjury, manufacture evidence, fabricate testimony and kangaroo courts went along with it; nothing has changed.) No lessons learned and "justice", a dream written about in the Constitution and in books. By the way, getting arrested in Filthadelphia, the birthplace of our Republic, is very bad ju-ju. It is as evil as Chicago.

Anonymous said...

This punk is going to give them what they've been praying for ; armed confrontation ,and the excuse to use some of that 2 billion rounds on some " no - hesitation targets " . This foolishness , if it goes off as advertised , will give them the justification to slam thru their agenda . This is as fucked up an idea as building a fort out in the middle of Bumfuck . Stay away from these assholes guys , they'll get you killed or locked up . When the shit hits the fan in this place , your gonna know it , it is going to be a spontaneous roar all across the country and your not going to need any self appointed " Leader " to tell you " Its on ".

William Flatt said...

I'd put my money on Kokesh very likely being the frontman for the false-flag event my intel sources say is supposed to occur this summer. If my sources' intel holds up we can expect to be in the shooting war come fall.

I hope not, truly; but with the tempo of things picking up on all fronts, I expect that something big will pop loose whether it's Kokesh or not. I would watch to see what else is going on at the same time as 04JUL13 since this may turn out to be a strategic distraction if this 'blows up' in the lamestream media.

Anonymous said...

You guys cryin' about false flags and Kokesh bringing down the gubmint on gun rights after a shoot-out are hilarious.

Look, if our government is planning to kill a bunch of us, are they NOT declaring war on us? Do they NOT intend to take our rights anyway?

Are you planning on sitting it out after such an attack b/c you think Kokesh and those that followed him "had it coming"?

Are you really that stupid? Or are you clinging to the new Amerikan mantra of "If it ain't happening to me, it ain't happening!"

Get your heads out of your attack on one is an attack on all and if you truly believe the 2A "Shall NOT be infringed", then you have to support this group's right to bear arms in the nation's capitol.

After all.....the constitution is not superseded by unconstitutional laws, regulations or procedures of a municipality, especially after incorporation.

Besides, if our natural right of self defense is up for debate and needs "permitting" then we are already slaves. I'd argue we have been ever since "gun control" was enacted....we need to set this right and we need to do it now. The longer we wait, the fewer educated gun owners there are.

"We must hang together or we will assuredly hang separately."

Alan W. Mullenax said...

Gotta be honest, I don't know what to make of the dude. However, if he does in fact serve as a John Parker, I got no bitch.

I'm of the opinion that patriots, what few are left, need a kick in the ass to get started. We constantly rail about no Fort Sumters. Mostly because of comfort and cowardice, again in my opinion.

Personally, at the least I support the guy. Hell, I may even show up to the party depending on how things develop.

It's important to remember that Samuel Adams and John Hancock were in Lexington on the night of April 18th. I have no doubt that the initial confrontation was thought out, staged, and executed. I have no bitch with that either.

If this gig starts the party rolling, I have no bitch with that either.

Gunny G said...

There is an article that everyone thinking of following this clown needs to read.

I'm always leery for anyone espousing violence or proposing antagonistic actions because THAT person is usually a plant. (I used to belong to a group that was infiltrated by the Feds and THEY were always ready to do wrong.)

Koresh is a false flag, I saw this back when he posted this idiocy on FB and I took a lot of flak for pointing it out. Evidently lots of sheep what to follow this false prophet.

Captain Parker did not act, he REACTED and that should be our stance.