Friday, May 31, 2013

Vicious dogs and tyrannical governments: Guns are needed for both

They need to be tightly controlled--kept on a short leash, as it were. In the context of the U.S. government, that "short leash" is the Constitution, and the very explicit limits it places on the federal government's power--power, remember, that is borrowed from the We the People. We know the consequences of allowing the government to slip that leash. And finally, if, despite all our efforts, government does become tyrannical, it must be put down, like a vicious dog. Hence guns, and the Second Amendment. And we must be humane about it--bring enough gun.


Yank lll said...

Maybe the next article written into the constitution will be the one where transgressor's get hanged for violations.

Dakota said...

A strange article .... up till a couple of years ago I had never been around a Pit Bull. From their reputation I could not imagine why anyone would want them. Both of my daughters have them and I can say with confidence that I have never met a more loving breed. I think a lot of the problems with "Pits" is the owner and those that are around it. They are somewhat aggressive, however that seems to be to please the owner. If you have no time to give to this breed and chain them in the backyard and show no love for them I can see why they would become aggressive. especially if the owner is mean to and keeps it around to show off how mean or aggressive they are.

Both my daughters have them living in the house with the family and one have an infant son .... my grandson. I have no worries.

Government and politicians ..... hell those assholes have had it all their way for so long they have no respect for anything but their own sick power driven agenda. I prefer the Pit Bull