Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wyoming gets gun company attention

The phenomenon Robert Jensen is observing is unprecedented. Magpul Industries Corp. and other firearms manufacturers and firearm accessories companies in Colorado and Connecticut are debating picking up everything and crossing state lines, possibly even moving to Wyoming, to find a friendlier political environment.


Anonymous said...

Wyoming is actually a very business unfriendly state in the political arena. It is true that taxes are low and in some parts energy is low but where ever you go you will be stepping on someone’s turf. And the people in power don’t like anyone threatening their power. If you are a big box store that generates plenty of sales tax or a large corporation that brings federal political power with it you are accepted. However if you are a small company they make it pretty rough for you because you are a threat to their power base. Especially if you are a manufacturing company. You have nothing to offer them so they fear you. Just take a good look around and see for yourself. In a state that is supposed to be so business friendly, how come there is little manufacturing? Many companies have come and looked but very few have stayed. Drive around Cheyenne and take a look at the vacant downtown and the boarded up small businesses. Wyoming is a big government state. People call themselves republicans but they are sucking on the Federal teat more than perhaps any other state. RINOS in the first degree. Good luck to Magpul if they come.

MamaLiberty said...

We'll be glad to have them. :) Only problem is that they're set on going to Cheyenne, and most of the rest of us consider that pretty much Denver North.

But then, maybe if they are joined by a few others, the political climate of Cheyenne might be influenced for the better. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

COME TO UTAH. Very business friendly, low unemployment, high education.

B Woodman