Monday, May 27, 2013

Captain Trips working on his itinerary.

H7N9 bird flu found to spread through the air


Anonymous said...

Well..Satins Minion in the White House hasn't been able to start the Great Dieing by trickery or force, so next we get Bio-Warfare. The great Plan Is the Kill off of 70% of the human population and the enslavement of the rest. I Guess the Big Boys got tired of waiting.

Anonymous said...

Loved every one of his books that I read, back when I was a stupid teenager and had no clue about anything...except what was supposed to be cool. Now I recognize what a leftist, liberal, Only-One-Wannabee he really is and I will never let any of my children near any of his trash.

Anonymous said...

We're just one mutation away from a universal flu virus - birds, swine, humans - contact, blood and airborne.
Science fiction/fantasy is soon to be come science fact.
-The Stand
-Andromeda Strain
-The Walking Dead
Coming soon to a reality near you.

B Woodman