Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Wild Bunch. Strange ammo order. DHS to field special unit of cowboy action shooters?

Janet sent us. We're from DHS and we're here to help you.
Homeland Security Ammo purchase in March to be delivered in Artesia, New Mexico.
Just received this link along with the following comments:
45 Long Colt 250 gr JHP 4,000 rounds (This caliber weapon is not issued to any branch of gov't.)
45 ACP 230 gr JHP 20,000 rounds
22 long rifle 40,000 rounds (This caliber weapon is not issued to any branch of gov't.)
30-30 160gr 4,680 rounds (This caliber rifle is not issued to any branch of gov't.)
12 Ga #8 shot 20,000 rounds
410 Ga # 9 shot 10,000 rounds (This gauge shotgun is not issued to any branch of gov't.)
357 180 gr JHP 6,000 rounds
7.69 X 39 (must be a typo should have been 7.62X 39 123 gr 5,000 rounds) This round is for an AK-47. Does DHS have AK 47's now?


Anonymous said...

Gotta be for their private stashes - 'free' Govt. ammo for the 'Ones'?

The ammo shortage bites!


Anonymous said...

were just funding our own Tyranny..get it yet people?

its about pumping up the prices, lowering the availability to public, and in fact...infringing on our second amendment right

don't know how long it will be , before the masses wake the fuck up..but they sure as hell will be late for the party, pal

BTW..anyone who throws away brass is an ass!

because it will not come back to public hands..mark my words

SWIFT said...

Cowboy shoots are very popular around here. Perhaps DHS thugs intend to infiltrate those shoots. I've seen this type of activity before with the Pennsylvania State Police, ATF and FBI where they try to infiltrate patriot groups and buy clothing to try and "fit in". The only problem was they all got their "fit in " clothing from Gander Mountain. There we all were standing around in camo that should have been surveyed a couple years before; and the government "white bread types" were looking like department store mannequins. Boots, the same way. Of course, being we were all illiterate, rural, red neck boys, we were not suppose to pick up on it. Over reaching shit bags!

Anonymous said...

Border Freikorps.


Anonymous said...

.45 LC and .410 ga? Looks like the stormtroopers are getting Taurus Judges.

Robin said...

Sounds like somebody had a chance to stockpile for themselves. Wish I had a connection like that.

luagha said...

Obviously for false flag/undercover operations.

Anonymous said...

Line item 4 of the 21 Mar. edited version has "this is being used for a government gun" in the description. It must be true! Why would they lie?

H in MO

Anonymous said...

It looks to me like we have some assholes at DHS who are using taxpayer money to suppliment their own private stash of ammo.

The Boston Bombing revealed that DHS completely failed at its supposed reason for existence - to "pool" information from all LE agencies so that a big picture can be formed.

How did the almighty Feds find the Tsarnaev brothers?
With privately owned security cameras.

As it turns out, DHS is just another giant fucking waste of money run by incompetent egotistical shit lickers who apparently only exist to moniter the Tea Party and waste money on billions of rounds of "practice" ammuntion.

Abolish the DHS.

AJ said...

Wow. I never knew DHS had a cowboy action shooting team.

Dakota said...

This order is for all the "Elmer Fudds" (collaborators). If the cowboy action shooters will kill the Tea Partiers..... they'll furnish the ammo.

smmtheory said...

OPFOR's gotta have something to shoot so as to keep it realistic...

Fragtastic said...

Artesia is where the Border Patrol training school is, maybe their HQ as well.

Scott J said...

Ok, that is quite odd. I've dismissed all the panting about DHS ammo orders as tinfoil hat nonsense but this order (with an actual delivery date) lends some credence to those theories.

Anonymous said...

.45 Long Colt? .30-30? 12-ga and .410 birdshot...?

I really get the impression that someone (or, perhaps a number of people) in DHS are shooters. And they're stocking up on ammo for their personal weapons.

Anonymous said...

This is to equip the "blue team" for a live fire training exercise where the "red team" engages a militia.

Anonymous said...

All of those look like good choices for a false flag op. Nobody (but some wacko, right-wing nut-job conspiracy theory loony) would ever suspect that a "massacre" committed using an AK-47 was pulled off by agents of the government.

Reckon there're a couple of select-fire AK variants floating around in some gubment warehouse somewhere? Wouldn't be surprised to find out. Would you?

Anonymous said...

False flag logistics?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

Roger J said...

This IS weird - sounds almost like there's a couple of good old guys with .45 SAA Colts and Win. 94s that have been "grandfathered" in. But then, what's the birdshot loads and .22s for? Is there a recreation center there? If so, seems like they'd need a lot more.

Dr.D said...

seems obvious to me, this ammo is for use with "surrendered" ( read confiscated) civilian weapons..

For the Republic III%
Dr. D

Anonymous said...

I see a false flag event! Or worse they are gonna try and teach Oasshole to shoot.

Yank lll said...

The Wild Bunch

One of my all time favorites.

The DHS.. not so much.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

Heya Mike,

My guess... some guys got their heads together and decided to do a group buy using the government bidding system to get ammo you and I can't find in the store (and neither can they).


Anonymous said...

Found out the FLETC is there:

Cowboy country.

Must be to get 'em used to firing "other weapons", like those used by cartels and ranchers.

Fatebekind said...

According to DHS Artesia NM website-

Check out the types of firearms training courses they offer. That may explain the oddball ammo purchase.

Anonymous said...

I've been told that some of this ammo is purchased to be used to test the function of found or confiscated weapons and to check their "ballistic fingerprint."

That's all well and good except that DHS wasn't originally supposed to be wasting taxpayer dollars by doing this kind of testing in a redundant role to other agencies.

I'd say some of this will be used for testing weapons as they say, but you can't help but wonder if some of the "tin-foil" ideas about it are true too.

Anonymous said...

I suspect this ammo is intended for use in false flag operations, or for infiltration of cowboy action shoots.

Remember these people will stop at nothing to marginalize, demonize, and if necessary arrange the death of those they consider obstacles to their plans.

Howie Honky said...

I agree with Anony - the sole purpose is to deplete supplies, making it harder / more costly for citizens to obtain ammo. I doubt they will shoot any of it. It will likely be stored in some vault or destroyed.

Anonymous said...

The .45LC is jacketed hollow point.
That isn't being used in any
cowboy action shoot.
Also, it's only 4000 rounds.
no way is that, alone going to affect

The 410 would make good snake loads
in a judge, and the .45lc would
be for larger critters.

I'm betting these two calibers are for use in privately purchased
Taurus judges, possibly by park rangers or somesuch.

The small amount of .45lc is pretty puzzling, though.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

The "Taurus Judge" conjecture certainly seems plausible, since those are not .45LC loads for games, and as far as I can tell the .410's only home, other than starter shotguns and a few oddities like survival combination guns, is the Judge and its knockoffs. (I confess I've never understood the appeal of the Judge, but maybe that's just me.)

Given that, the weirdest part of the order would seem to be the 357. 180-grain 357s are specialty loads--at least in revolvers.

Maybe this order supplies a few of the more privileged Only Ones with fodder for their SHTF pieces?

jon spencer said...

The Govt. has many, many .22 LR guns, and 40,000 rounds is less than lots of small stores sell in one week.
This .22LR order is less than a drop in a bucket.
And just about everybody is trying to stock up on the stuff themselves. It is going to take a few months before the closets are full and boxes of .22's are able to be put on store shelves instead of being sold as soon as the delivery truck drops a shipment off.
People who used to buy 50 round boxes are trying to buy bricks and people who used to buy bricks are trying to buy cases and people who used to buy cases are smiling and selling their extra bricks on-line for 5X what they paid for them.

Anonymous said...

false flag - sprinkle a few drop rounds & casings at the next crime scene to implicate even the owners of non-black firearms.

btw, make certain to pick up all your own brass/steel - it could be used against you.

mebbe better to avoid public ranges altogether.

Anonymous said...

I have been seeing these long colt heavy CAS styled purchase orders for years . Long before Jug Ears was in .

As stated above , they could very well be used in some sort of training , but that seems far fetched as it always has piles of 30-30 and LC . I just figured they were being pilfered by calico & leather festooned mandarins .

Could be one hell of a story .

Phelps said...

I'm with Fatebekind. The Artesia training center looks to be centered around BIA training. I have no doubt that the reservation cops still use lots of 45LC, 30-30 and .410 shotguns, especially since they are predominantly in rattlesnake and cottonmouth country.