Monday, May 27, 2013

So much for "protect and serve." Thanks for the tip, you jackbooted thugs.

From the officer recruitment pages for the Philadelphia Police Department:
" The Police Department is structured as a para-military organization. This means that we employ a culture and protocols that closely approximate those of the armed forces. "


Jimmy the Saint said...

There's really nothing untoward in that statement - police forces have been organized on paramilitary lines for decades (as have fire departments, etc.). More recently, they've become more overtly *military* in their outlook - that's the big problem.

Anonymous said...

Honor Service Integrity. right.

fucking priceless.
The next time I see a youtube of their REAL character, I'm gonna remind them to look in the mirror. They're no different than the rest of "murican law enforcement, that will beat you to death at the drop of a hat. Frankly, I've lost all respect for LEO's as the thousand plus videos on youtube of lawless LEO's are living proof. And don't give me that "bad apple" bullshit. The whole damn barrel is rotten to the core. They don't know the meaning of "Honor-Service-Integrity".

Carl said...

Jimmy the Saint is right. A military organization also allows for more direct responsibility. Would we rather have an LE organization built in political lines? I hardly think so. We have seen that there is no accountability in the political body. And remember, the authority of the badge is just like a gun. Not evil in itself, but can be used for evil.

On another note, I happened to meet an officer this weekend that is a patriot, conservative, Constitutionalist, and all around nice guy. Don't whitewash all LEO's because of some bad apples. Just put the bad guys on your list for later consideration, and the good guys on your other list for future allies. As to an organization-wide 'military outlook,' that is all up to the department head, the chief or sheriff. Thugs can be on the street or behind a desk.