Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bowhunters and gun owners: Hanging together so we don't hang separately

Guns, bows and knives are all "arms," as protected by the Second Amendment, and can all be used to defeat would-be tyrants and their hired muscle. For that reason, they are all on the forcible citizen disarmament jihadists' target list, and for the same reason, must all be considered necessary to the security of a free state.


Allen said...

most bowhunters I know are as bad as Fudds "that won't affect MY hunting..and all you other hunters are doing it wrong anyways. bowhunting is a more pure form of the sport"

and then they go on to tell me how bad crossbows are...and use all the same excuses gun hunters used against bow hunters early on.

it'll take a knock on the door by some gestapo to confiscate their "sticks and strings" before you'll get most of them to think there is a problem, and then it will be too late.

all that being's a good idea to know the basics on how to build a bow. we may not have enough rifles to go around..or the "new guy" might not be someone you would trust with one just yet.

Anonymous said...

If only.....

We can't even get gun owners to support each other.

rjp said...

Bow hunters will be next government target. Just given how the blades interact with the body when given the right thrust make it much deadlier than a bullet.