Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tyranny comes in many forms.

Seizing bees with state-sponsored violence.


SWIFT said...

Why would anyone want to live in Illinois? This, coming on the heels of the Illinois farmer persecuted for selling raw milk to club members. (A jury acquitted him on 3 of 4 charges.) The Departments of Agriculture, both Federal and State, are acting just like the jack-booted thugs of the ATF. SWAT teams, confiscation without due process, withholding evidence, fabricating evidence, and the usual perjury. Is this still America?

Anonymous said...

Swift, regarding issues like this one, it doesn't matter where a person lives - the problem, the very root, is everywhere. As the article opines and asks, the fundamental genesis is the usurped power over two party contracts. The Founders did not hand over power to regulate commerce among the people of the several states. SCOTUS basically amended the Constitution through the judiciary on that front - an unconstitutional act in and of itself lets remember now, that even the heights judicial review has been taken to is in violation of the Declararion itself. For the COURT is NOT where givernment authority resides. That POWER rests with the PEOPLE via CONSENT.

We never CONSENTED to every bit of commerce and everything possibly affected by it (or lack of it) being a function of government - for to do so eliminates the vast majority if the rest of the protections the checks and balances that the Constitution was to provide. How can the right to keep and bear arms remain unmolested when government claims 100 percent authority over every SALE and PURCHASE? The reality is that we have no rights whatsoever in the eyes of today's government. Via the bastardization of the so called commerce clause, the Republic itself was destroyed.

Tyranny is already upon us and has been our entire lives. So open has it become that one need only look at Illinois to see it clearly. This example, the one you offer and look even to the NRA going NEUTRAL on legislation regarding usurpation of a right long denied here (the right to carry). Several hundred bucks in poll taxes, preconditions galore, a long list if banned "places" etc etc and the "advocacy leadership" goes NEUTRAL??? They are ALL bought and paid for brother, and until PEOPLE stand up to both government AND the "advocacy" groups, our "rights" will continue to be denied us. Note that the Chicago Way now openly dominates the federal level and is championed by half this country's people. Note also that in McDonald we had a CHANCE to save the Republic but that the NRA jumped in at the last minute to stomp P or I in order to stop dead that revival. Many want to avoid admitting it, but the NRA is HARMING this nations people and IMHO doing so on purpose. At this point, folks would be wise to buckle down and prepare for the inevitable watering of the tree of liberty. Think about it - there isn't one right left that government doesn't just plainly ignore. Interestingly it is reporters now being assaulted openly - but it ain't like we didn't warn them.......

Anonymous said...

And the people there still argue over who is more right than the other when they should be deciding on what to do about it.
We have become a nation of fools and fearful idiots..
We dont deserve our Liberty.

Yank lll

Anonymous said...

"Abate the nuisance" would make a nice battle cry.