Saturday, May 18, 2013

Interesting, but it won't do the armed citizenry much good in the immediate run.

Ammo maker to create 150 jobs in Robeson County
Cape Fear Arsenal provides high quality ammunition products in the Southeast U.S. Its products will be primarily sold to law enforcement, and the company anticipates bidding on contracts for the military and state agencies.


Anonymous said...

sry, My Mistake.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is in this area it's well worth the trip to visit Mid South Guns in Wagram, NC. This is in Scotland County, adjacent to Robeson County.
This place has more double-barrel shotguns under one roof than I've ever seen anywhere. They have a pretty big selection of handguns too, at reasonable prices.

Anonymous said...

A pic of Mid South Guns. This is roughly only one-sixth of their shotgun inventory!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't they make even more money by concentrating on the American market?

Fuck the leos.

William Flatt said...

Cape Fear Arsenal, Tory collaborationists.

Apparently they value government paychecks and the taste of jackboot leather... above freedom.

Anyone taking notes?

Paul X said...

Sounds like just another company sucking in tax dollars to me, fastening themselves to the government tit.