Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Svengali-like hold on the GOP and NRA.

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Frederick H Watkins said...

Seems like Rachel has reserved a lot of "Crow" dinners in her future. But she probably does this with every show.

Anonymous said...

Wow...what an offensive propaganda hack she is.I have not watched television since the 80's and this kind of manipulative crap is the reason.
Every time I think the sewer could not get does.Even scarier are those poor deluded souls who watch it and believe.
God help us all.

Get well soon Mike!You are in our prayers.

Elliot said...

I see no mention of Brian Terry.

Even Jon Stewart mentioned the murder and showed a bit of (mock) shame regarding F&F

So, Comedy Central viewers know more than MSNBC viewers. Not that anyone should be surprised by that.

CB said...

"My Svengali-like hold..."

The way Madcow portrays it, gun owners and others who want Holder to be prosecuted, don't think for themselves or otherwise retain any cerebral matter. Her tactics are; Deny and Ridicule, Deny and Ridicule, Deny and Ridicule. Watch it again if you have the stomach. Her tactics are quite clear and pronounced.

I came to your blog before F and F and was impressed daily with your posts about freedom, our nation's history, and with your eloquence and wit. (I think Madcow secretly admires you and is afraid to admit it pubicly....)

As for the Svengali tag, I think that an earlier discription of you and David as Midwives is more accurate. Having attended the home births of three children with a midwife in attendance, the parallel is quite clear to me. A midwife has a lot of hard work to do in order to obtain a live birth and the joy that comes with it, rather than suffer the grief of something stillborn.

Congratulations on the Madcow Report.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mike, you are one crazy screwed up dude. I mean really, civil disobedience? That is so left wing.

I do wish that people could focus on the facts, gun walking, Brian Terry's murder and the coverup and not push the 2A theory. Those will come out in the wash.

Anonymous said...

"Factless"??? I was waiting for the direct lie but had to wait through all of the misleading opinion to finally get to it. This is not reporting, it's just enertainment for the sleeping masses. RM seemed to be able to find SSI Blogspot long enough to pull what she needed to run with a narative of a "quacky theory" of conspiracy but is unable and or unwilling to do the job of a jounalist and locate and report on the facts located on the same blog that support what we all know to be true. No one should be surprised.

gratefuldog said...

I couldn't watch the whole thing... I've never seen this twat before, and, God willing, I'll never watch her again!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Maddow is hard to watch. It is amazing how such an educated person could be so unbelievably dumb. Good for us that she is so clueless, the more cannon fodder the better.

Hefferman said...

If you know nothing of the background on this than Mrs. Madcow could lead someone astray. However when you take into count that Eric Holder made a speach that the American people needed to be brainwashed, so guns could be controlled. That Obama was directly involved in the "Gun Runner" operation and it was important to him, according to Napolitano, and others in a official press conference.
The back ground knowledge shows Mrs. Madcow is being an Obama propagandist.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not sure if that 18+ minutes of my life was a waste or not. I did enjoy watching her almost melt down with her hilarity. And her rundown of the “break their windows” stuff was a nice recap.

Rachel is very hard to watch, very hard to stomach. It’s a good thing that I’m not having lunch for another hour yet.

No mention of Brian Terry, hundreds of dead Mexicans, Holder’s known lying to Congress, or Barry’s admission of working on gun control “under the radar”.

Rachel's modus operendi is typical Leftist: Deny, Ridicule, Spin, Half-Truth, Bold-Faced-Lie, Omit, Distract, Deny, Ridicule. Rinse and repeat.

She tries to make the well-documented and well-known historical practices of False Flag Operations and the Hegelian Dialect out to be nothing more than things swimming around in a dumb, conspiracy-minded person’s head.

But ya know're living in her head rent-free (and in many others), at least that’s something.

I'd like to say that she did you a service by giving you air time so you can become even more well-known to the waking-up masses. Unfortunately, Rachel's and MSNBC's ratings are so far in the shitter, and getting worse all the time, that I doubt her pathetic little tirade was seen by too many people.

Either she really believes what she is saying, she’s just plain dumb, or she’s a bold-faced liar and shill for the Left……I think all three perhaps. The only reason that Rachel and people like her can look themselves in the mirror every morning is that they are amoral.

Her tirade was nothing more than trying to create a distraction away from the administration. Nothing more.

thedweeze said...

Isn't the tradition 'two minutes of hate'? This stretched out for over eighteen minutes.

Must be inflation.

Anonymous said...

This turd was a thing of beauty. I think she and her ilk actually believe this. Good. They will be so much easier to beat since they are the deluded ones. The leftist enemy is weaker than we thought.

And, Mike, her ad hominens were a sincere form of flattery. Coming from her was a high accolade indeed.

Anonymous said...

All this time, you've been miffed that Atkinsson & CBS were getting the credit for breaking the F&F story -- and now Maddow gives it all to you.

Be careful what you wish for! =)

Bro Cahontas said...

Talk about attacking the messenger and not the message. And is she really so dumb she can't understand how bypassing current laws and sending guns to murderers will increase deaths? And then how an increase of deaths could be used to clamp down on the selling of guns with the idea that the loose weapons were actually purchased under current gun laws.

Dedicated_Dad said...

"Better to be despised by the despicable" and all that - right?

And they really don't come any more despicable than that madcow dude.

Seriously - that is one fruity little "man" right there!

Sha-ul said...

I downloaded& listened to her rant on the way home from work, and I realized that after 18 minutes, she never refuted 1 fact, the entire rant was ad-hominem, either you were crazy, or the uncle was crazy, or fox news was crazy, or LaPierre was crazy, all crazy, crazy crazy....
But no mention of 2000+ firearms directly funneled into the drug cartels, not relaxed gun control, directly transferred to them, in some cases paid for with tax dollars, & unlike wide receiver, absolutely no attempts to track them, not gps, not tailing, not relay wth Mexican authorities, just effing gone.
Now we have 2 dead federal agents, killed with these arms, what close to 300 dead Mexican citizens?
If this was all truly the craziness that Rachael would have you believe, why did Melson get replaced& appear with his own Lawyer, why did Burke abruptly resign& disappear, and why did the administration claim executive privilege?

BTW, I was going to ask David on the gunrights examiner FB page, but who exactly was the origin of the term "Pad the statistics"

WoodBurner said...

Congratulations Mike, Mad Cow just gave you the credit you deserve and an add ional 10 or 12 (half her viewers) site hits. Seriously though, let us know about the site hits.

Mills said...

Does anyone need more proof that the only private (non-government) occupational group in America, which is bestowed specific protection by the Constitution, is now nothing more than a propaganda machine like Provda was?
Yes, she ignores scores of dead bodies on both sides of the border which Fast and Furious helped to facilitate. Even more alarmingly, she is also ignoring the sworn testimony of Federal Officers who were uppalled at breaking off surveillance of illegally purchased firearms BEFORE they got to the Mexican border.
Keep up the good work Mike; this is what the progressives do when they are afraid of someone. Maddow's coverage of you is straight out of Alinskys "Rules for Radicals".