Thursday, June 28, 2012

Full Text of House Report and House Resolution 706.

Courtesy of David Codrea, here is the full text of the House Report on the Holder Contempt Citation. And here is the text of House Resolution 706.
LATER: The Official version at the Government Printing Office website here.

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Anonymous said...

At least the focus of the committee seems to be on the right target.

"These key documents would help the Committee understand how and why the Justice Department moved from denying whistleblower allegations to understanding they were true; the identities of officials who attempted to retaliate against whistleblowers; the reactions of senior Department officials when confronted with evidence of gunwalking during Fast and Furious,including whether they were surprised or already aware of the use of this reckless tactic, and; whether senior Department officials are being held to the same standard as lower-level employees who have been blamed for Fast and Furious by their politically-appointed bosses in Washington."