Friday, June 8, 2012

The domestic arms race continues.

"May sees 20.6% increase in firearms sales checks over same month last year; 24th straight month over month increase."


Anonymous said...

And that's just the official 4473 reported sales. No figures on the unreported private sales. No wonder the libtards want to close the private sales "loophole" (koff koff).

B Woodman

bondmen said...

Surely the UN and Chinese must be experiencing great pause in their plans to take over and dominate the people of the United States of America knowing there is a firearm behind every other blade of grass. OOPS, I forgot, the takeover occurred domestically by a composite, imposter, hope and change leftist Alinskyite! Enemies can be foreign and domestic but this one is both! LOL. November 2012 can't come fast enough.

SWIFT said...

In spite of the whopping increase in ammo prices, at least partially driven by shortages; it appears citizens are manning up for whatever tyranny government thugs, or street thugs, have in mind for us. The Brady Bunch is STILL claiming that fewer Americans are buying all these guns. A delusional concept, but they are free to think anything they want. It might even make them eligible for SSI.

StealthGhost said...

That speaks volumes (actions) for how the people are responding regardless of recession, economic doom neocons are trying to effect etc.

Just a question of time until they arm Drones to fight their proxy wars here etc. if they have their way, out of control gone Rogue no doubt.

Anonymous said...

I am doing my part I am in the process in upgrading from SKSs and 9mms for my family to M1As and 45cal. I can't do anything about being outmanned but I'll be damned if I am going to be outgunned.

Gunny G said...

Just added more reloading supplies to the stockpile.

Food and lead are the coming currency.