Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Old Yellowstain" Boehner Crawfishing Again. "Don't believe a damn word from Boehner, his lips are moving."

Old Yellowstain Blues
The latest adventures of "Old Yellowstain" Boehner and his apparent cravenly campaign to sell-out the search for justice in the Gunwalker Conspiracy Investigation began here in the New York Times yesterday with a story by White House lickspittle Charlie Savage headlined: "Boehner Aides in Talks With Justice Dept. on Gun-Running Inquiry."
As Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. prepares to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Justice Department officials praised the House Republican leadership – including Speaker John Boehner – for opening negotiations with the Justice Department about resolving a dispute over subpoenaed information related to the botched gun-trafficking investigation dubbed Operation Fast and Furious.
The move comes as Representative Darrell Issa, the California Republican who is chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, has threatened to hold Mr. Holder in contempt over the subpoena, which he issued last fall. It suggests that administration officials see a potential conflict between Mr. Issa and Mr. Boehner over pushing forward with a contempt citation.
Deputy Attorney General James Cole said in a letter on Tuesday to Mr. Boehner and other House Republican leaders that their staffs in recent weeks “have had a number of constructive conversations” that held out the prospect of a “mutually acceptable resolution of these issues.” He said those conversations “stand in contrast” with the tone Mr. Issa had adopted, including in a letter of his own on Tuesday.
The same day this story appeared at the LE Examiner:"GOP backing down from Holder contempt resolution."
Early this morning, Matthew Boyle of the Daily Caller ran this semi-rebuttal from the Boehner people -- "Boehner spokesman: NY Times story about Holder Fast and Furious compromise is false."
After The Daily Caller reached out to Savage for comment, pointing out how Boehner’s office said his article was false, The New York Times edited his story removing the statement Boehner’s office said was false and changing the focus of the article, while adding a quote from Boehner’s spokesman. The online version of the article contains no correction or explanation as to why Savage’s story was changed after the fact. A note tells readers the article was “updated” at 11:39 p.m.
Savage has still not returned TheDC’s request for comment on why he printed false information to begin with and why he made no effort to contact Boehner’s office to check the veracity of his unattributed claims before printing the inaccurate information.
David Codrea calls this "Gunwalker Ping-Pong" and provides the marvelous photo of Boehner as Captain Queeg above.
So, what are we to believe about all of this? When it comes to Boehner, believe exactly dick. All he has to do to dispel such talk is to fast track the contempt citation for Holder. Has he? Of course not. So don't believe a damn word from Boehner, his lips are moving.


Anonymous said...

I am hoping that the decisive win by Walker last night will lend some courage to the spineless RINOs - including cry-baby Boehner! See guys, when you take a stand for actual conservative principle and you don't cave to the talking heads at PMSNBC, the people respond with full-throated support!

Try actually coming out with a strongly worded definitive statement explaining F & F and then announce the filing of contempt charges. Don't waver-don't apologize.....just lead!

Anonymous said...

Scott Walker's easy victory in Wisconsin should alert Boehner to the challenge he is facing when tea party-backed House Representatives take office in January.

If Boehner (and Cantor) view Issa as being too prickly, how will they reign in a restive group of incoming Freshmen legislators?

Answer: Boehner will be pushed aside for a more confrontational Speaker of the House.

The statute of limitations on F&F transgressions is a long way from expiration. Those who are obstructing this investigation will find themselves overrun and outflanked before they can run out the clock.


Anonymous said...

The Photoshop job on Crybaby Boehner is a classic. This guy has the testosterone levels of Peewee Herman and the intestinal fortitude of Mr. Peepers. I'm catching a malodorous whiff of sell out in the air. If Obamney beats Obushma you can still count on the whole thing going down the memory hole. Ever notice how the Demogoguecrats elect an in-your-face, hyper partisan left wing zealot as their Speaker, but the Retardpublicans give us a whipped dog like Crybaby.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Who are these people!? Who do they think they are!?
Does the entire body of people who constitute my government consist of a culture populated by a class of sociopaths?
At this point it has gone on so long, the simple truth hundreds are dead because of gunwalker, murdered people with families and homes, jobs, with children, with homes and hopes and dreams, ALL DEAD you fucking sons of a bitches because you played politics????????

At this point it has been stonewalled so long in such a theater of the absurd, that everyone is complicit.
There is no longer a line of distinction between the directly responsible and those not.
Every duty and oath has been irrecoverably broken.

They are all screwing the pooch on Gunwalker. Screwing the pooch on everything, but what covers their arses.

No other explanation or excuse justifies the extent of failure.

Read these words carefully and slowly. I Do Not Like To Be Left Out In The Cold. This Is My Country. I have no tolerance any longer for this fucking bullshit pulled by my government, by the people that are ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES. Representatives? Hello!
If these clowns don't get it through their thick skulls they have gone too far, committed too many crimes and too much treason to be tolerated, are a part of a culture of thievery and power unto only themselves that has gone beyond the pale, the law of unintended consequences is going to catch up with them, in fact every man jack and woman in this country, in the most brutal fashion possible.

So anything these bums do, unless it is pure unadulterated enforcement of the law with full prosecution of those involved no exceptions, is bullshit.

To this very second it is Lies lies lies lies lies, and more lies. It is lies built upon lies, upon lies until nothing is left but lies.

Anything about guns with these assholes is bullshit. Notice the little fact that all involved directly or not, are guilty of monstrous crimes, directly or by association, through investigation or through politics, through failure to act doing the right thing, or passivity. Outside the world of this cabal of elites called my government, not a person alive would ever be anything but persecuted to the fullest extent of the law humanly possible for the international crimes against humanity the hundreds of murders due directly of the actions of the people behind committing the atrocity Fast & Furious is.
Fast & Furious is a blood letting, crisis created as a means, a scheme born out of an agenda to turn my country into a dictatorship where only the elites who dream of running it posses weapons and the means to use them

Kiss my bible/gun/liberty clinging ass!

Two things and my rant is complete:

"Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” "Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party."
– Mao Tse-tung

"It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them."

"Let them restore it to find refuge from us."
– TL Davis

Anonymous said...

69The referenced Daily Caller story has this quote from Boehner spokesman Michael Steele, "... but there have certainly been no direct talks between the speaker and attorney general ...". The operative phrase here is "no direct talks" between Boehner and Holder. Well,no kidding ... but, what about talks between their staffs? Sheesh, what a bunch of slime balls.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Boehner is a quisling of the first rank in both senses of the word. He is both every bit a collaborationist AND as big a traitor (to liberty and Republican principles) as the original "quisling" - Vidkun Quisling - ever was. Boehner deserves the same fate - metaphorically speaking - as the one time leader of Norway.

Gunny G said...

The Crybaby needs to go the way of Michael Steele.

Anonymous said...

"Mt Top Patriot said...
Who are these people!? Who do they think they are!?
Does the entire body of people who constitute my government consist of a culture populated by a class of sociopaths?"

In a word, yes! You've nailed it
completely..Obamanos, Biden, Pukelosi as well as
their 'opposition' are just that,
narcissists and sociopaths. Trusting such 'public servants' to safeguard Liberty is like trusting Trayvon Martin high on 'purple drank' to babysit your kids!

Yours In Liberty!~W~
Northgunner III

Anonymous said...

With country-club, next-in-line, good-ol'-boys, hands-across-the-aisle, RINO Republitards like Boner (yes, as spelled) == who needs Demonrats??

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Oh -- so sorry.
Left the "eh?" out of Boner.
My bad.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Boehner Belongs to them. They own him for some reason. Any talks between staff at this point will be designed to pull down the blinds so that the American people cannot see what they are doing, to protect themselves. It cannot be otherwise at this point.

Boehner is a turncoat traitor and he is not alone.