Saturday, June 9, 2012

Praxis: GTA 07-01-043. Basic Rifle Marksmanship. Coaches' Checklist (4 Fundamentals)

Here is a Scribd posting of a handy checklist of marksmanship fundamentals put out by the Army. I have about 2 dozen of these I've picked up over the years and hand them out periodically to newbies. The original is printed on weatherproof card stock for carrying in a BDU shirt pocket. Both instructors and students will find this card handy and useful as a reminder.


Anonymous said...

A good read for all the FNG AR shooters out there. Just remember; a 163 gr. M2 AP frome an M1 garand or a 1903, has more kinetic energy at 800 YARDS than a 5.56 has at 10 yards. In real world terms that means that a good man , with a garand, can shoot frome 100 yards past the MAX range of an AR or M4 and punch BOTH SIDES of a ARCH or MICH. Got range time?

MI-copperhead said...

This is the way they teach it at an Appleseed event. But Appleseed is much more than just what is shown there.

Anonymous said...

A good day or two of Marine Corps marksmanship training instead of these Army cartoons is the better path. :)