Saturday, June 16, 2012

Issa's offer to postpone the contempt vote: sellout or strategem? There's always time to upset the applecart.

The Washington Post has it here -- Issa says he is willing to postpone contempt vote against AG Holder but still has concerns.
Politico has this -- Darrell Issa to Eric Holder: I’ll delay for Fast and Furious documents.
Now, according to some of my sources, this is just Issa being crafty. The idea is that since he already has most of these emails, he's looking for the ones that Holder omits or edits -- an invitation for Holder to put his neck further in the noose.
Others, more skeptical, say that this is a "fold" which signals more weenie behavior on the part of "Old Yellowstain" Boehner.
Who to believe? We'll have to await events. It's still a long way to November so if this is a Romney-inspired sellout, we'll still have plenty of time to upset his applecart.


Anonymous said...

Since we do not control the media and they do, and since it takes so long for us to distribute and disseminate information, might it not be of greater utility to Start now instead of waiting for their timetable? I mean, since we don't know what they are doing but can be fairly certain that we, given the circumstances, wouldn't do it the way they are? Does it make sense for them to do it the way they are, considering that the closer to the election we get, the more clutter and confusion and manipulation there will be?

The time to upset applecarts is now and then do it again and again as they try to pick them up, rather than want for the "trust me" crowd to reveal their strategy and timetable and objectives.

Clearly, their's aren't the same as ours.

Mt Top Patriot said...

All things considered from my personal perspective, Issa has not let go of Fast & Furious.
No matter what has happened to today, the guy has stuck with it.
For what that is worth to date.

Kabuki Theater:
"The nature of Kabuki is to entertain and distract attention from the truth, all while convincing us something is being done."

Oh look, another shiny thing!

I'm just a working stiff, with no knowledge of the inner workings of the political class, but I can say with absolute conviction the political class has taken the best thing to happen to the human race, Liberty/America/Prosperity, the unquestionable goose that laid the golden egg, and turned it into a clusterfuck of astronomical dimensions.

What The Fuck!!!?

And these clowns are spinning around like mutts in a vacant lot sniffing each others butt holes while this Republic, it's very foundation, the Rule of Law, teeters on the edge of destruction.
They are all standing in an ocean of gasoline tossing a lit match back and forth.

Holder is responsible one way or another, and God knows who else, for the murders of hundreds, probably thousands. And he has the audacity, along with his flunkies, to mock and taunt any and all who questions his crimes? Treat the rule of law as if they are the worlds greatest good fella's.
All they need is some cheap polyester checkered suits with high water cuffs.
What a bunch of fucking clowns.

It's a wonder and a credit to honest law abiding American's no one has begun to shoot these son of a bitches in light of exposure of the kind of unaccountable crooks they all are, for the things they have done and continue to do

Terrible things.

SWIFT said...

I believe it may be more forceful to contact delegates to the Republican convention. Tell them to get word to Romney's staff that we expect him to show some balls on Fast & Furious. Also to express our displeasure of Boehner and Cantor. Then, the time frame between the convention until the elections, will be more telling and "upsetting the applecart" will bear more weight.

Anonymous said...

Gotta agree with the essence of MTPs comments. I would also add that since holder keeps 'hinting' (or maybe outright stating) that this whole thing could result in a Constitutional Crisis - someone needs to pin him down as to exactly what he is 'threatening'. Is he alluding to a race war, civil war or is he afraid that if the truth comes out that the nation is not strong enough to withstand the damage that crisis would cause.

I also think that the idea offered by Swift is probably a very good avenue to pursue - it is apparent to all who frequent SSI that the average rank and file American has absolutely no clue about how much evil has been perpetrated by holder etal.

Q. Fabius Pictor said...

I say again, this is Danforth Redux.

CowboyDan said...

MTP, you're right, as you so often are, but I wonder how much fire holding is admirable self-restraint and how much is fear of the shitstorm we know would start?

I pray this will pass without bloodshed, but sometimes prayers are answered with "No."

I'll quote Mama Liberty, "If they don't want trouble, why don't they leave us alone?"

Anonymous said...

SWIFT - I live in a state that is so blue Romney hasn't even bothered to set up a campaign office here....I have tried to call his national office and I finally got in touch with someone who runs his Southwest district headquarters. I told him that Romney needs to get tough and start hammering away at Fast & Furious, along with all of Holder's other race-based anti-American shenanigans.....he told me he would check with the National Headquarters about when a statement would be coming out about the potential contempt citation and he'd get "right" back to me......that was last Tuesday!

Romney is a political hack with no spine and I am sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. God is in control and if the RINOs insist on running their boy Mittens and it hands the election to Obama, then I'm good with it and I'll put my trust "in the man upstairs"....maybe the country needs another revolution and this is part of the plan to make that happen!

Anonymous said...

On Rmoney: I am not too thrilled with this guy but he made it to the finals. What is he doing? Trying to beat Obama. Does he give a flying eff about F&F? Maybe but doubt he even knows about any significant details. His staff will boil it down to sound bites, like everything else because this what they do when they run for Prez.

What is the goal? Justice? Get rid of Holder? Get rid of Obama? get rid of all the vermin?

And what can be done?

Cameraman said...

Is It Just Me or just the Democrats that play Dirty Politics? When are the Repubs getting some Balls and going after Obama and Holder, for all of the Shyte they have Done? Don"t hold your Breath..I have no Faith in any of them..We need to do our house cleaning...Need I say More?