Monday, June 25, 2012

The Chicago Way. Fast and Furious Falling Apart

"It is the total and vise-like hold the Democrat machine has on Chicago that has made this city the riskiest place in America for law-abiding citizens, turning them into helpless, unarmed sheep at the mercy of roving, well-armed, predatory wolves. Doesn't Chicago sound a lot like Mexico to you?"


Anonymous said...

What a nifty little deal this is.Rahm Emanuel,by hook or by crook now mayor of Chicago.There were rumor`s some year`s ago about a "deal" between bootlegger Joe Kennedy Sr. and Mafia boss Sam Giancana.Something about delivering just enough of the needed vote`s to tip an election.Insurance for Nov. 2012 ?.

Mt Top Patriot said...

More like try tyranny on for size using Chicago as a test bed, see what you can get away with, then install a usurper in the white house who goes national with the treason and corruption that worked.