Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back home, recovering, much to the chagrin of MSNBC viewers.

Thanks for all your prayers. Although from the comments on my last health post from the hospital, the MSNBC viewers Rachel Madcow stirred up seem to be fervently praying to Gaia for my death. Didn't print all of them, just the semi-clean ones. Please keep David Codrea and family in your prayers on the death of David's father.


Anonymous said...

You are in my prayers daily and your family as well. I've added David and his family since yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Their comments are typical leftist rhetoric. I hate to say I was expecting more creativity from them, but then again, I expect too much from the left.

Love to see them actually attach their name to their comments and agree to meet in person. Not that any hard would befall them, to the contrary. I would enjoy talking to them to further understand their warped mentality. Of course, I'm also certain that they would be unable to have a civil discussion based on reality.

deborah said...

such balony is being put out by this right wing nut. I am from a very patriotic military family and none of us believe this right wing dribble. Please use the brain god gave you and stop being sheep for the right wing cause. We need a new party.

Anonymous said...

Mike I have done the "double cornut'" on MSNBC and the Mad Cow!!

I have pronounce the curse C S Lewis' "That Hideous Strength" on them as well, in Latin,("May they lose the facilty of language because they have abused it to the detriment of all!") so they cannot get gaia or any other false deity to help...(I used German too, and Russian....) I am really impressed with the Liberal melt down, this is really fun to watch!!


j said...

I LOVED the hysterical potty-mouthing of whoever that person was posting as 'anonymous' then actually taking the time to sign on to a blog with a fakey name "Norton" for the sole purpose of appearing to be a different person. He might as well post as anonymous each time and add "And I'm a DIFFERENT anonymous than I was in the other posts, so there!"
But seriously, prayers continue for you and the family as well as for David in this sad time. You two guys are examples of courage and integrity and I'm proud to know you both.

Anonymous said...

We need a new party.--deborah

“But everyone is having such a good time!” Captain Louis Renault, Casablanca

Please deborah, don't be such a party pooper. The fun is just getting started. I can't wait until we play party games like Spin the Tale on the Donkey and Ropium for the Hopium. ;^)


MamaLiberty said...

Good to see you back, Mike. And in good form as always. :)

Anonymous said...

It's really easy to explain these Freedom and Liberty haters, even when they "think" they are patriots. We know that their world view is very narrow. They believe that they can see all there is to see. They really don't want to know that their government had no integrity from the very start of this whole deal.

These gangsters had no intentions of ever tracking these guns, besides the point that they knew who they were trying to find after the first straw purchases. We know this, but the sheep never will, because they are unwilling to think that their government would ever do anything that wasn't right. These sheep do believe that this is only brought up now because it is an election year. Then the left wants to spin it as rasist. Maybe that's what they intended for over a year. They knew they had been caught and stonewalled so they could cry the race hate card. They new they were caught and couldn't let this "crisis" go to waist.

Two law enforcement agents DEAD as well as hundreds of mexican national...and they call us nuts. We have Federal employee Law Enforcement whisterblowers bring this all to light, and yet the sheep want to believe that it is all made up.

Ya'll take care out there. Better know who your neigbors are as well. They may be grazers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

I have been keeping up with the Fast and Furious scandal since you first posted the story. Thank the Lord there are a few wide awake individuals out there such as yourself. May you continue on in the task, and may the Lord grant you health to finish it.


Anonymous said...

I'd been away for a little while and didn't know you'd gone back into the hospital ! Glad you're back home now ! Hope that stent is a temporary thing.

You're in my prayers to get much better !

SB Smith