Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slain officer’s parents call President Obama a liar.

“They’re lying big time and passing the buck. That’s how I feel. I just know they’re hiding something big."


Bob said...

Boehner ought to have the Terry family flown into Washington to be present at the Capitol when the contempt vote is taken. To drive it home even further, a photo of Terry should be prominently displayed on the House floor during the vote.

Anonymous said...

The way I see it is this is the equivelant of the British march on Concord and Lexington to seize shot, powder and cannon. Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata are the first casualties of this war our own government has brought upon us. Where are our Minute Men? Our Paul Revere has sounded the alarm but I fear too many are still sleeping. This should be more painful than simple threat of exposure to the powers that be. The government has no fear of us. It needs to be reestablished.

Anonymous said...

we are being set up..our own admin has plans to start a war between the two countries..they were just arming the opposite side so there would be more blood shed. and bring about the end of our second amendment rights and many more.
we dont stand a chance as one person.. we need to come as one, but not alone, if you get me?
yes your own government was planning on killing you..270,000,000 arms..and 3% owns them..all this hate the south americans was perpetuated by this goverment..same as the civil war just now in modern times with modern directives.
I take the threat personally..
there are so many ways the admin can strip you of your 2nd..easy as one person..like the guy who threw fries at his step brat, he is probably going to be tried as a felon..and with that conviction he will lose his 2nd right.
Banding as one is the only way to save this county from the criminal acts of ths admin.