Thursday, June 7, 2012

Waste-of-Time Hearing Demonstrates GOP Impotence Once Again. In fact, to call this an exercise in limp-dickery is an insult to honest limp-dicks everywhere.

They were all disloyal. I tried to run the ship properly by the book, but they fought me at every turn. If the crew wanted to walk around with their shirttails hanging out, that's all right, let them! Take the towline - defective equipment, no more, no less. But they encouraged the crew to go around, scoffing at me and spreading wild rumors about steaming in circles and then 'Old Yellowstain.' I was to blame for Lieutenant Issa's incompetence and poor seamanship. Lieutenant Issa was the perfect officer, but not Captain Boehner. Ah, but the strawberries! That's, that's where I had them. They laughed at me and made jokes, but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt, and with, with geometric logic, that, that a duplicate key to the wardroom icebox did exist. And I would have produced that key if they hadn't pulled the GOP leadership out of action. I, I know now they were only trying to protect some fellow officer. . . Naturally, I can only cover these things from memory. . . But I know for sure I didn't cut a deal with Admiral Obama.
"Old Yellowstain" Boehner plays with his balls and demonstrates his limp-dickery for all to see.
Michelle Malkin tweets afterward: "And that's a #fastandfurious wrap. Eric Stonewall Holder gets to walk away, scot-free, again. Remember in November!"
Bullshit, Michelle. Sorry, I respect you for your early support on the Gunwalker Scandal, but that's bullshit. Either the Obamanoid criminal pukes win the election, in which case the investigation gets buried, or the Romney-Boehner-McConnell Cabal of GOP Weenies wins the election, in which case the investigation gets buried.
The only hope in DC is for Issa to break ranks with his leadership and begin leaking the damning documents he certainly has to CBS and FOX. And if he doesn't, he's complicit too.
There is, of course, one last hope after that fails --- that the people can motivate these weasels by threatening to overturn Romney's political applecart. More on that tomorrow. Right now I want to go puke.


Anonymous said...

I vote for the upsettiing applecart... I don't like progressives, no matter what letter they put behind their name. Just saying.... Taz, FL

Anonymous said...

If anyone here had any doubts that the GOP and the democrats are just one big happy crime syndicate family of buddies and back-sratchers, this whole Fast N Furious deal should remove any shreds of doubt left.


Anonymous said...

We put up with Holder through Ruby Ridge and Waco, Elian Gonzalez, and a host of other offensive actions or inactions (e.g. Black Panthers, Marc Rich).

We said no more free Wacos, but do we really mean it? F&F must be the last straw for this man. If our leaders won't hold him accountable then we must.

Anonymous said...

A time for difficult decisions is approaching for people who love this country, and are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure that the Constitution be preserved. We are on the precipice of a reality in which free speech only serves to condemn those who exercise it. The government is reaching a point of corruption so deep that the very act of voting is at risk of becoming a futile exercise. When voting becomes a waste of time, then what options are left to the people?
Difficult decisions are coming.

sales weasel said...

For a minute there I thought something would happen when Issa broke out the wiretaps......

I figure the Senate hearing next week will be even harder to stomach.

romplestiltskin said...

Fantastic commentary, and how true!
I can see Humphrey laughing in his grave......Oh how the wheel turns.

Freedom First said...

Geeze Mike, quit beating around the bush. Tell us what you really think.

Glad you are doing better and we are praying for you nightly. God bless!

Anonymous said...

I have to ask what's your take on this:

Notes: There is some kind of evidence under seal. How Issa received it is sticky. To probe the leak means to bring out the evidence and to not look into the leak is bad politically.

It's time to end this charade. We have been ran into the ground under a succession of each more corrupt than the other series of thieves now for 100 years. Now murder, and the cover up of murder are virtues

Anonymous said...

Things are not so bleak as they appear. Holder will be unable to wiggle out of this.


Anonymous said...

The Issa interview on Greta Van Susteren (6/7) leaves no room for doubt that Boehner and Cantor are the bottleneck stopping contempt charges.
Or rather, they are the dry turds constipating the process. It's time to shit these two out and get on with contempt charges.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't work to elect Ron Paul, you've only yourself to blame.

Once again it appears your choice in the upcoming "election" will be between dumb and dumber.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Senator Issa needs to borrow Sgt. Lincoln Osiris' quote from Tropic Thunder: "Cover me, limp-dick fuck ups!"