Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Interesting analysis. Future tense, X: The fourth revolution by James Piereson.

On the possibility of a forthcoming political revolution.
My comment:
Anyone who believes that we get out of this hydra headed crisis of legitimacy without serious bloodshed is whistling past the graveyard of history. The ultimate question to be answered is who serves whom? Do the people serve the government or the government, the people? This is not a question that can be finessed, only settled one way or the other after a bloodletting.
Why do you think that, in the middle of the Great Recession, more firearms are sold in increasing quantities every month FOR THE PAST THREE AND A HALF YEARS? We're talking millions of firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition every month.
That is a strategic military fact that the forces of Leviathan ought to consider carefully.


Anonymous said...

Party like it's 1860 because you know what's comming next.

cmblake6 said...

Exactly, and what a shame. This didn't have to go this way, had our various forebears only stood up to maintain the Constitution as it was written. The various foreign and treasonous national eroders and infiltrators should have been being hung for the last 100-150 years, but I'm supposing we were brainwashed against Civil wars since the last one. Could have been far simpler, had we but followed Jefferson's advice.

SWIFT said...

While Jefferson's revolution of 1800 was of paramount importance to keeping the Republic that was given to us; I feel that the U.S. culture revolution of the 1960's was equally important. The two revolutions have a lot in common: (1) in both cases we came damn close to open conflict. (2) both left us with unfinished business, (3) the unfinished business is responsible for where we are today. The fact that we did not engage in open conflict in either revolution, may not have been a good thing. Our forefathers (using a contemporary expression) merely "kicked the can down the road". Now, with influencing factors like debt, foreign wars, world politics (China), multiplying the original problems, civil war is inevitable. The divisions between the governor and governed are too great to be resolved by discussion. Given the government's reliance on lies to rule; no credibility exists between the two factions. That can only lead to one outcome: War.

Anonymous said...

It is happening simply because small men want power over good men. When everything goes South those same small men will blame everyone but themselves and justify any action they take in their defense.
You cannot appeal to the intelligence and moral compass of a narcissistic sociopath.

eddymatthews said...

@Swift; And a new political party!

Anonymous said...

"Why do you think that, in the middle of the Great Recession, more firearms are sold in increasing quantities every month FOR THE PAST THREE AND A HALF YEARS?"

It is a means of dealing with uncertainty--a "just in case" safeguard. In a recession, people pull back on their spending because they fear the future. The same psychology is evident in the stockpiling of food, precious metals and guns/ammo.

When people regain their confidence that the future will be better, gun sales will taper off and the caching of food stuffs will likewise decline.

None of the above suggests we are not on the cusp of a social upheaval brought on by debts and deficits.

America will be poorer and less powerful because of the fedgov's unfettered spending, but the forthcoming economic crisis and political realignment need not lead to wholesale slaughter and the corresponding death of political union.


Mt Top Patriot said...

Mike said: ('...millions of firearms and billions of rounds of ammunition...')"That is a strategic military fact that the forces of Leviathan ought to consider carefully."

Ya well, somebody in the ruling class considers it carefully. No idea who, and it doesn't matter who for the moment here, but one thing is certain, the point is the simple truth in considering the state of tyranny breathing down the throat of we the peoples Republic, if they weren't scared shitless of all those fine arms and ammo bared by good God fearing American's, Dept. of Homeland Secret Police would be rounding up millions, cities would be cordoned off, the leviathan would have overtly declared Marshal Law, and everyone who was able would be in a shooting war right now.

Those who have the strings of the leviathan in their hands is thinking real real hard about those guns and who has the grit to use them.
Bet your arse they are.
Cause if those guns and ammo, the folks who got em, wasn't a deterrent from total tyranny, well, this pussy footing around, out flanking the US Constitution, the rule of law, tin pot King Putt usurper the white house, spineless republican party operatives, etc, eco/economic warfare waged on us, total tyranny upside our heads is what we would have had long past.

Just as you can be sure serious as a heart attack those with the guns are giving the prospect of 2nd amendment redress the kind of think only men whose Liberty, freedom, very prosperity, everything they love, is at stake.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Leviathan has considered the weapons and ammunition, and they've discounted them down to about nothing. The formula for power has always been: Population + Resouces X Will.

Will is the critical element, as it is the multiplier.

Leviathan has had decades to take the measure of the will of the American populace who aren't Leviathan supporters - they've accurately assessed it as being significantly less than 1.

Michael said...

Jimmy the Saint is right.


The few that do stand up will be branded terrorists by the gov/media and taken out with the blessing of the majority.

bloodyspartan said...

Do you think it is just a coincidence that Bromate is in Bread , Chlorine and Flouride in water and on and on and on.

Just what the country needs to weaken the populace and increase the cancer rate . Americans are cowards, that is why the best are being bled around the world.

Anonymous said...

someone might be plagiarising your work... I called them out, but thought I would inform you just the same... of course, it could very well be you.. just trying to makes sure credit is given where credit is due!