Friday, June 29, 2012

CBS: Fast and Furious whistleblowers now supervised by ATF manager who allegedly threatened retaliation.

"ATF needs to f__k these guys."
Here's the letter from Grassley and Issa on the subject.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything you do Mike, know it is appreciated. I was unable to pay for my subscription, so maybe that link needs to be fixed.

W W Woodward said...

Scot Thomasson now has the eyes of America watching his leadership ability, or lack thereof. His own statements have made him suspect. Supporting illegal activity is reprehensible and covering for and enabling those who engage in illegal activity by retaliating against one who has the balls to tell the truth is worse. Especially when one is in a position of trust such as law enforcement or government.

Anonymous said...

That jackass ATF manager needs to have some KUDZU planted in his yard. Nothing like a weed that can never be killed and grows one foot each day to make life interesting.

Anonymous said...

Chicago thug tactics of intimidation. Typical of the Obama administration.
Their big problem is they also "f_k-ed" with Darrell Issa. And Issa is like a bulldog and you don't want to "f-k" with.

Anonymous said...

One of the comments was so silly - the claim that F&F never existed and was a GOP plot. One or the other has to be untrue, plus if (with)holder stopped it it couldn't be just a GOP plot. And the loonie lefties expect us to listen to them with such silliness?
The other thing (I presume was a quote from Grassley) regarding not understanding how the perfidy at atf can exist: obviously never been part of a good ole' boys network where anyone (like whistle-blowers) who are perceived as not being 'team players' - ie not going along with the bosses agenda are 'suspect' at best. BTDT - not a good place to be, they need all the protection that they can get.