Friday, June 22, 2012

FBI playing around with One Hundred Heads. Michigan Patriot Alliance under threat of another Waco?

Received today this message from the leader of the Michigan Patriot Alliance. The Trainer is a personal friend of mine and I have personally met many of the MPA. The Trainer is a life-long veteran of the U.S. military, a serious man, an honest man and courageous to a fault. For all I know, his friendship with me is why he is being leaned on by the criminal enterprise currently covering up the true circumstances of the Brian Terry murder known as the "Federal Bureau of Investigation." If his group is being targeted by the FBI for another Waco then they are playing around with a One Hundred Heads scenario. I suggest to the current director of that criminal enterprise that he get a hold on his subordinates if he doesn't want to risk the next American civil war. -- Mike Vanderboegh
From The Trainer:
Please distribute on your web site the following:
I’m known by my two “nom de guerre’s,” ‘The Trainer’ and ‘Black Jack.’ I lead the Michigan Patriot Alliance. I have a group of good men, citizens loyal to the Constitution, who train and prepare to protect their families and friends against the harsh times we all agree are coming, either through government (which one is irrelevant as they are acting in concert) or disaster. We are not “anti-government”; rather, we are “pro-constitutional government”; we are not “terrorists”; we are the “armed citizenry” who refuses to be terrorized; we are not “bad actors”; rather, we have already paid our dues whether in service or in industry, and have no patience for Marxism, Globalism, Pantheism, Fascism, or whatever “ism” that isn’t “Americanism” as espoused by the Founders and the tradition of “common law” that actually had a great deal of influence in the founding of this Republic. We are “Live and Let Live.” So long as we are left alone to raise our families, associate with those we choose, allowed to reject “political correctness” and be who we were raised to be by tradition and choice, we offer no offense or harm to anyone. Leave us alone; we will leave you (government) alone. We will vote, pay our taxes, protest as we see fit, and so forth, all without major upset.
With that description of who I am and who my folks are, know that today, when deplaning from a business trip to Texas, I was approached by a member of the FBI who presented his credentials and asked if he could talk to me. Simultaneously, half a dozen or so other members of my group were being approached by agents of the FBI, Michigan State Police, and a couple other county departments.
None of us were arrested or detained. I was in their company less than 10 minutes, once I was escorted with a uniformed officer on my left, plain clothes sheriff’s deputy (or junior g-man) at my six, and the senior investigator moving from either 2 to 8 O’clock all the way to the detention/interview room. We were let in by a ‘high fructose corn syrup’ fed locally employed, armed police officer, in other words, he was really fat!
The FBI basically wanted to know if I wanted to talk about my group, the Michigan Patriot Alliance and a quote I use by Colonel Charles Beckwith, the founder of Delta Force, whom I greatly admire, that says, “I’d rather go down the river with seven studs than a hundred shitheads.” From the saying, we’ve developed a toast, “7 Studs” that we use at social occasions, which obviously underscores the concern of quality versus quantity.
My purpose for writing this is to put out formal notice that nobody that I know in the MPA is a child pornographer, kiddie porn addict, terrorist, or otherwise a ‘malcontent ne’er do well’. We all are citizens of our State and the United States, some of us veterans, some not, who are angry at the direction and speed the nation is taking toward totalitarianism. Yes, we are armed. Yes, we train to stay alive. Yes, we study historical works, such as M. Stanton Evans’ “The Theme is Freedom” to understand how our chosen belief system, Christianity, actually is, by historical evidence, the foundation of all the freedoms we used to enjoy… getting on an airplane without being escorted and searched like a common criminal.
So, should you see another group on the news in Michigan that was ‘taken down’ because they were plotting to kill, maim, or otherwise do harm to innocent Americans, know that it is not true. We, in the MPA, only train to protect those we love (our wives, children and extended families), help our communities when the SHTF, and help our country as we can by being loyal Constitutionalists.
Our aim has never, and will never, be to “overthrow the government” or cause harm to any innocent. Our goal is to see through restoration of constitutional government. Government that lives within its confines laid out so clearly in the Constitution.
All that said, for those federals reading this, should you decide to arrest us or “NDAA” us, for the charge of loving our Constitution and country, have the decency to leave the neighborhoods we live in alone. Leave our wives, children and other family members alone. Approach us calmly, reasonably, and without dynamic raid teams. They are unnecessary. Doing so might just help you start to rebuild the older, more honorable title of ‘peace officer’ and heal the scars the last 40 years of “law enforcement” have wrought among us (“us” meaning the citizenry). All dynamic raids do is provide a testosterone ‘buzz’ for those ‘tactical types’ that see all of us, and I mean every single one of us, as “the enemy.”
Personally, I can attest that none of us wishes to do combat; we’d rather come together and reason on the level playing field between men.
On the other hand, we’ve all made our peace with God, so if you’re going to kill us, you might want to bring a lunch.


HammerHead said...

"I was approached by a member of the FBI who presented his credentials and asked if he could talk to me."

My response to any and all police encounters not initiated by me are "Sorry Officer, I don't have the time". You are under NO obligation to speak with LEO's at any time. If they have reasonable suspicion (unconstitutional) or probable cause they are going to detain me regardless of any words of wisdom I have to offer would not change their mind anyway. And as always remember "I do not consent to searches!"

The Trainer said...

Thanks, Mike.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Said well.
Said right.
I hope the police state reads and takes it in the light given,
adopts the wisdom of these words.
Take care what you all wish for.

I would humbly add those involved in this tyranny understand that the tyranny they impose today, is the tyranny imposed on themselves, when the usefulness of their of their duplicity has run its course, and think well and hard that they too will find themselves in a circumstance where they themselves become victims of what they have wrought.
It is called reaping what one sows.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully just the publication of this will prevent the unlawful and (probably violent) actions against the MPA.
A word to the wise is sufficient. But whoever said that the current crop of Popo (at any and all levels) were wise?

B Woodman

Chef said...

Very well said Trainer. I, for one, will be watching this closely. The true Patriots of this country should never let their guard down, especially now. The Feds have an agenda, and they are running out of time, which makes them very careless, and dangerous.
Good luck, and stay focused.

SWIFT said...

This type of approach (multiple FBI agents and local law enforcement) claiming they "only want to talk", is so typical. The members of the Michigan Patriot Alliance just got off a plane, so it would be reasonable to believe they were NOT armed, yet the FBI turns out in force. That approach would be enough for most aware patriots, to expose the lie of merely wanting to talk. What would have been wrong with one, maybe two, FBI agents approaching the individual and stating they'd like to talk? The FBI is good at two things, grabbing headlines and creating terror groups. (I use the term "good", loosely.) A show of force is about the former, especially when done in a very public arena, like an airport. I know I would have pointed this out at the very beginning of any conversation, then, in a detailed fashion, questioned what really was between the special agents legs, in lieu of manhood. For the last couple of decades, the FBI they can only "man up" when they have overwhelming numbers. No such thing anymore in that agency of individual courage. They have devolved into a gang mentality.

Anonymous said...

If the FBI plays with's bound to get burned this time.

Does anyone really think that gun sales are up 20+% month over month for the last 4 years running FOR NO REASON?

The next "shot heard round the world" could come from some self-proclaimed, self-aggrandized "door kicker".

Let's hope someone from the gubbmint is smarter than that....but that's not the way to bet.

Best Business Brands said...

FBI directors are now limited to one 10-year term, subject to extension by the United ... He was soon promoted to head of the Enemy Aliens Registration Section. ... Hoover often hailed local law-enforcement officers around the country and built ..... comic musical J. Edgar! on L.A. Theatre Works' The Play's the Thing (2001).

Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised that this act was formulated by the Justice Department to take away heat from Holder, Obo, ATF etal. from the pendeing coontempt hearing next week for Holder.

What better way to prove that Holder was right than to start a fight with a militia of their choice and have a bad out come for both the militia and the Feds.

Beware the False Flags!!!!!!

Thomas/PatriotofPast said...

As I read this story, it brings back memories for me. My best friend and I were driving back to school in Wahpeton ND. back in 1983 and along the Interstate near Valley City there were Cops and Helicopters everywhere. When we got back to school we heard on the news that Gordon Kaul had "Murdered" an FBI agent. Well, since then the TRUTH has come out about that standoff, a wonderful article written in the Bismark Tribune about what REALLY HAPPENED.
Gordon Kaul was a man who believed in our Constitution, our Republic.
To avoid a Messy trial, the FBI, BATF burned Mr. Kaul alive in a farmhouse (sorry cant remember the state, been awhile). I know how they operate and cover thier tracks, its not pretty.

Anonymous said...

How the heck did that spammer get past you Mike?

Anonymous said...

Clearly a show of force and intimidation and it also leave them in the position to arrest everyone if there is anything they believe they can act upon. Law enforcement interviews are not conducted in this manner but this was an ambush, not an interview. It was designed to impress you with their level of knowledge about you and the fact that they are closely observing your every move.

I remember when communists used to be the targets of investigations and with good reason but those targets have changed and so have the agencies and personnel and objectives thereof, regardless of what is said on TV or in their media outlets. To them, freedom and liberty must be controlled by them, no matter what the constitution and bill of rights says, and they intend to do that, no matter what the constitution and bill of rights says.

If you object, you are the enemy. No matter what the constitution and bill of rights says.

Anonymous said...

quote:"a wonderful article written in the Bismark Tribune about what REALLY HAPPENED."

I tried to find it, but it no longer exists. However, Wikipedia cleared it up. What really happened is he discovered what allows Government to do what it is doing. The Income Tax. He also discovered that if you either verbally or print ANY type advocation or promote NOT PAYING YOUR INCOME TAX...they will kill way or another.

Anonymous said...

FBI. They work for the DOJ, don't they?

SWIFT said...

The mention of Gordon Kahl's name brought up another, nearly forgotten, name for me: Carl Drega. He was hounded till he finally went off and righted a few wrongs in New Hampshire. With the government, Fed,state and local passing more and more draconian laws and ordinances, I see the potential for a replay of those events that pushed Carl Drega over the edge. It is a little alarming that even an unintentional spark could ignite the tinderbox that is contemporary America. That said, an intentional spark, orchestrated by the praetorian guard in one of their infamous false flags, would have the same effect. Brinkmanship anyone?

Pericles said...

If you see something, say something.

Anonymous said...

It's been said before but bears repeating until they hear but more importantly listen and understand.

The very same Constitution that is our protection from the government is also the government's protection from us.

Dedicated_Dad said...


(1) "best business brands" is a nasty-ass spammer - I dedicate this to him:

(2) I'd suggest The Trainer train himself and all his people on THIS:

oughtsix said...

"The very same Constitution that is our protection from the government is also the government's protection from us."

Yeah, well, they have long since voided their end of that agreement.

The Trainer said...

Thanks to all for the constructive criticism and support.

Thomas/PatriotofPast said...

What really upsets me is the COWARDS in DC Live by the phrase " The Pen is Mightier than the Sword"... 90+ Percent of them being Attorneys, they Design the Laws to Bennefit themselves. Even down to thier own PAY????
SWIFT, I do believe thier was man in NH who went after S. Court Justice Souter over His Property ownership? Souter was the deciding vote on that idiotic Law that said the Govt. could TAKE peoples homes for Developement/Tax Revenue.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Golden CO

Dakota said...

Do not ..... I repeat do not talk to these pinheads under any circumstances. To do so is foolishness. They were on a fsihing expedition to see what types everyone is. This information will be used to brief the dynamic entry team that will quite possibly be coming in the future. I will give them no information that can be used against later. The best defense/offense is to keep your friggin mouth "SHUT"!!!

Anonymous said...

I see 300+ DEAD Mexican nationals caused by the current administration who refuse toanswer questions. And all of their talking heads and fans have the nerve to call us racist? Well I guess they may have a point because those dead no longer exit so they MUST be made up.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Hey it's Waco rules again. The feds have a nasty institutional habit of every few years of repeating the same police state clusterfuck. It's like the stupid sons of a bitches just can't go too long without having to create an event where they can use all the shiny lethal toys we as tax payer's have no choice in paying for, along with the institutional doctrine of exercising the inordinate, unconstitutionally, illegal power they have created out of whole cloth, over American's. When you get right down to the shitty truth of these fucking thugs, and don't bullshit me with any crap about honor or upholding the law, because if these motherfuckers weren't around none of this shit, from Oklahoma city to Waco wouldn't have happened, it's a gang of neanderthal's looking for heads to crack in order to fill some blood lust.

One day these mental retards with guns are going to find they have gone too far. A hornet's nest of pissed off, fed up people are going to decide peaceful tolerance and redress of this crap is pissing into the wind, and coming for these clowns with a bone in their teeth becomes something that no matter what, is not only the only cure for such tyranny, it's the right thing to do without doubt.
These mall ninja's are going to find they chose the wrong things to protect.

Anonymous said...

I live in N.Carolina and wouldlove to join a band of sensable patriots similiar to what this FINE AMERICAN has in the "Peoples Republic of Michigan". How can I learn from this group? Is there a counter-part unknown to me in my state?

Anonymous said...

I read the 2009 post about the "Hundred Heads". I think the person who wrote you was referring to Rudyard Kipling's The Grave of the Hundred Heads

Anonymous said...

Dakota is RIGHT.

The most I would say is, "I don't have the time right now." Then, signal the other guys to get together and walk out. This puts the other side in the position of having to look like fools, or come up with a reason to detain - which later can be used in court to sue them.

In the meantime, I would suggest that you (The Trainer) go over the rules for contact with investigators with the entire group. It is your right to assemble and to discuss. It is your duty to ensure that any and all under your charge are quipped with the information and training to enable them to survive any encounter - be it a simple questioning or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

When it's time to water the Tree of Liberty, you won't be alone.