Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tough town. Wish I knew the whole story here. I might be laughing even harder.

"Hey, they can't abuse our snitches. Only WE can abuse our snitches."
Chicago ATF agents find Gary less than hospitable. Of course, this is Obama's Fair Haired Boy Traver's field operation. Yuk, yuk.


Anonymous said...

That just breakes my pea picking heart, boo hoo. Funny when the ATF does not get their way.

Anonymous said...

If Travers was indeed involved in this operation in any way it was probably about as well conceived as Fast & Furious. Probably had just as much built in control and oversight (gee the CI got robbed and no one got caught) as well. Any bets that the money came from an anti-gun grant?

Anonymous said...

Rottuna and his buds must be pretty pissed...but it's too bad they walkked away from this one!