Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Outstanding! Sharyl Attkisson wins 2012 Murrow Award.

Congrats to Sharyl & Company!
(CBS News) The CBS Evening News has won a 2012 RTNDA Edward R. Murrow Award in the Video Investigative Category. The awards honor excellence in electronic journalism.
CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, producer Chris Scholl and editor Matt Tureck took home the prize for won for Gunwalker.
Never thought the liberal media mavens would notice.
Issa's reaction: “First on the story, CBS and investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson tenaciously fought to bring Americans answers on Operation Fast and Furious,” Issa said. “In looking into the heartbreaking death of Agent Brian Terry, they’ve remained committed to following the facts. It’s encouraging to see CBS awarded for their important investigative reporting.”
"First on the story," huh? Still, Sharyl has my most sincere congratulations.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. I've been trying for two days to "register" om the CBS news site to leave a comment.

NOTHING I do, no matter what, works. Maybe they know who's going to have a little discussion with Ms. Atkisson about professional journalism standards, attributions of stories, plain ol' credit where credit is due - and they don't want any mention of it?


Mt Top Patriot said...

You and Dave are the Mouse's that roared.

Those two bit pikers that are claiming the credit for defending our great country from the treason and tyranny of Fast & Furious have to live with the truth they are very less than honest.
They wouldn't have jack shit to write about if not for you guys and the folks who came to you about it all.

I'll always be grateful for what you guys have done.
That is the real deal.
God Bless you and Dave.

SWIFT said...

I fear Sharyl Attkisson will get her Andy Warhol fifteen minutes of fame, then the social media will move on. That's just about right for America's attention span. (Did you see Sharyl Attkisson won the 2012 Murrow Award? Yes, but did you see the one pound bag of cookies in aisle number 2 is only 12 ozs? ) Woman, bring me my gun.

CowboyDan said...

The brass gave you no credit. That's SOP for brass; they're oftentimes idiots.

Sharyl knows the truth. I want to hear her acceptance speech. On WOG, I said if she has class, she'll name you guys on air. If she has class ans an expense account, she'll fly you in and introduce you.

Issa, on the other hand, ought to know better where the story started. He should be paying you guys. You're doing more to get the story out than the "official sources" he's been depending on.

Maybe he'll put you in for a medal when President Paul takes over in January.:)

Anonymous said...

There are reasons why you and David aren't mentioned, which is the least that anyone could have, should have done.

You know what they are and why it's happening this way.

They have never had any credibility with me because they are corrupt liars most of the time, with an leftist agenda that would choke Stalin. You and David have earned my respect and trust, which is not an easy thing to do. You did it by telling the objective truth and how valuable is that these days?

Anonymous said...

Typical. The people who did it are not even mentioned but the glamor guy (or girl) who shows up later and looks good gets the accolades. Mike and Dave did it, we know, we don't care what anyone else thinks.

This kind of reminds me of Obama and Gore getting Nobel Peace prizes for what exactly, some peace they made, huh? (Hint: being insiders and "good" guys who look and sounds good.)

All that said, this may not make Eric with Holder feel so blessed. Has he sent his congratulations to her yet?

Col Bat Guano said...

I read Codrea's post on Katie Pavlich giving you guys a tip o' the hat on F&F. A toast of Jameson's to you all for pursuing this story with the diligence you have. I sense a light at the end of this tunnel. Codrea said about Katie: "she's a much more telegenic" reporter than he.

Much more telegenic?!?!?!

Who's he kidding from his mug on Examiner?? She's freakin' nuclear HOT!!!!