Friday, June 29, 2012

Praxis Report: Drone Hacking for Fun and Profit.

Texas college hacks drone in front of DHS


Anonymous said...

I'm an engineer and have been working in robotics for several years. I'm convinced that if the S does HTF the biggest capability gap in modern militia is drone technology, both anti-drone technology and militia-deployed drones. Every militia needs a few geeks tasked with keeping an eye on developments in this area -- it is moving fast.

Anonymous said...

ummm, as one commenter put it.."the use of INS instead of GPS makes this experiment moot." so to speak.

Damn I love the internet. I mean..where else can you find accidental data leaks from self absorbed techno geeks.

Reminds me though. Not long ago, a well known journalist suggested the first American citizen to shoot down a domestic drone will go down in history as a hero.

Fuck these putrid tyrants.

Anonymous said...

Use of INS makes GPS moot? Not sure I buy that. Sure, if the GPS drops out, the INS will run on the accelerometer and gyro until the GPS comes on line again, and won't drift too far off if the sensors are good and the math is good. (Not easy -- been there.) But, if you inject a fake GPS signal, the GPS *isn't* off-line, and it can't tell that it is being spoofed. The nav system will integrate bogus GPS data and eventually the fix will be badly h0rk3d. Sensor fusion is usually done using a Kalman filter -- and it works because it knows the average error and noise to expect from each sensor, and can tolerate intermittent dropouts from various sensors. But it is perfectly happy to integrate goofy data if it can't tell the data is bogus -- and then your robot's pose will eventually drift to la-la land.

Anonymous said...

DHS wanted to find out how easy this could happen. They found out. They will harden their technology. The hackers will respond.

The war continues. As it always does.